7 Ways for Self-Starters to Save Money
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7 Ways for Self-Starters to Save Money

Every entrepreneur looks for ways to save money.

7 Ways for Self-Starters to Save Money

Whether you are just starting your own business, have a side gig or are thinking about beginning one, keeping costs down is important and every dollar saved will lead to a better future. Here are some tips you can use to save money for your business.

1. Know Your Numbers

Knowing what you have coming in each month and what your expenses are will help you budget, keep your focus on where your business is headed and give you peace of mind by being on top of your finances. Sometimes bookkeeping clean up is necessary for getting the numbers back in line and should be considered part of a quarterly check-up when gathering information for accounting purposes. Because business fluctuates, setting a routine for how often you visit your numbers throughout the month is important to always be aware of what is coming and going. Monday mornings at nine am could be your time to check what bills are due that week and what you received the week prior.

2. Don't be Shy

It doesn't cost anything to talk to people, send emails and texts to people in your contacts or reach out to your social media family to inform them of your products, services and specials. Pick some local events to attend and network with new people to expand your community contacts. If you are not working from home, make it a point to meet all of your neighbors in your building or street. Let them know what you do and discover their businesses so you can build possible partnerships. Seek out groups both in your field and ones that could be clients to engage with.

3. Repurpose When Possible

Before you spend money on a business expense, look around your home to see if you have something that could be repurposed to fill the need you have at work. You could use some of your paint in the garage to make an old table and chairs look new. Cabinets can be cleaned out and put to use for your office space. Check out sites that offer free things and use imagination for how you could use those items to serve your purpose. This is just another form of recycling that keeps materials in circulation and your costs down.

4. Simplify Your Needs

Examine your expenses line by line and envision what your business would look like without each one. If you don't need it, consider the cost savings and if it is worth doing without to save that money. If you are still designing your business plan, then build it with necessities only and add on as your work grows. It is never too late to strike a line item and start with a fresh approach.

5. Look for the Freebees

There are a variety of free services and goods that your business can make use of, including software, forms, templates and other online tools that you can customize according to the type of work you do. When first starting, many companies will offer you the first month of their services free as an introduction, but make sure you cancel it before the period is up if you don't want to continue with them.

6. Give and Take

Professional relationships can be very rewarding and cost-saving for all parties involved. You can barter your sign-painting service with a local mechanic so that he has a striking sign out front and you have new brakes. Sharing advertising space on local posters or booths at area trade shows can also help keep expenses down but your community recognition up. Partnerships can take many forms, such as sharing materials, transportation or building space. Splitting costs in half can only do your bottom line good, but make sure you engage with professionals you trust and get everything in writing so it is clear who is responsible for what.

7. Never Stop Learning

Always keep your eyes and ears open to new opportunities not just for clients and work, but also for ways to improve on services you need as part of your business. If a new local courier is offering service at a reduced rate from a national name, support a local business and save money. Research each addition to your work until you are satisfied you found the best deal. Taking time to do this now will save money in the long run.

Think creatively and simply with a focus on community and you will save money while building your business.

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