7 Types of Blog Posts You Can Create Right Now

7 Types of Blog Posts You Can Create Right Now

For when you can't think of anything else.


Has writer's block got you down? Creating a blog has a lot that goes into it other than the content.

There are themes to pick, social media to post to, marketing to conduct, you name it. All of this has your attention while your writing, unfortunately, falls to the wayside.

Coming up with content constantly for not only your blog but everything attached to it can take a toll. As a blogger, sometimes all you want to do is sit and blog!

That said, if you're feeling stumped, here are a few types of blog posts that'll have you feeling inspired again. Take a look!

Newsjacking Posts

This term sounds horrible but it's actually not. Some companies are able to break news as soon as it happens.

Is Kim Kardashian on a new diet? You better believe that E! News has the rundown on that.

Once you see that post hit their site, you can easily read it then interpret the copy into your own words. Newsjacking is similar to news posts except you can add your own opinions to it.

If Kim K is on a diet you think is dangerous, say so. Newsjacking posts are fun to read because people get updated on current events while also getting to know you more as a writer. Who knows, you may even have a new reader because of it!

How to Articles

It's a classic for a reason. Who doesn't love a good "how to" post?

People are looking to learn new things every day and the most common phrase they'll type into Google is "how to." All you have to do is supply the rest of that phrase.

Think of what's relevant to your niche. If you make your own clothes then it would only make sense to title a post on "how to make a top."

This type of post as it's so versatile, it pretty much fits every and any niche. You don't have to teach readers something physical and tangible as it can be a post on gaining more blog traffic.

When in doubt, how to articles can save the day. If you learned something new that you think would be helpful to share, figure out a way to turn it into a how to post. Chances are, it won't be that hard.


People like content that's easily digestible. Unfortunately, reading lengthy posts time after time can get stale.

Instead, give your readers some variety! Infographics are a great way to do that as it's completely visual. Images are easier to digest as there won't be so many words as with a traditional post.

Another benefit of creating infographic posts is that you'll increase the amount of inbound links. Something that's as shareable and likable as an infographic will see you racking up the mentions.

Think creating one is hard? Think again!

You can easily create an infographic using sites like Canva. Creative Market would be another good site to check out as you can buy a template for a good price.

Where Are They Now Posts

Whether your obsession lies with actors or musicians, it's always fun to see where they've ended up, especially after a major project.

For the cast of Barney Miller, you see most of the actors went on to do other things while the rest of the gang stayed with their profession of acting. But it doesn't have to be about actors from older shows, either.

With the population fixated on reality shows, you can get a good amount of traffic tracking down old reality stars and writing about their whereabouts. It may take some time to craft this kind of post but it'll pay off nicely because people are always interested in this type of content.


You probably keep a handful of lists for your grocery runs, work supplies, even daily to-do lists. Your readers are in the same boat as you---they have a lot on their plate but may not always have time to write an organized list.

That's where you come in.

To help your readers out, you can craft checklists that'll help them with the tasks they need to get done. Are they starting a business? It'd be a good idea to include everything that's needed to get started.

As another idea pertaining to checklists, you can also craft a series. Keeping with the business idea, your first series could be about branding. Make a list of all things needed to create a brand such as gathering a color palette, brand images, and elements.


Since we've discussed checklists, let's move onto another list-type article---listicles! If you don't know what they are, in fact, you're reading one right now.

Listicles are pretty self-explanatory---they're a list article. And they can be about practically anything.

You can list your favorite restaurants to eat at in Los Angeles or your favorite books to read when relaxing. There's practically no end to what you can create with this type of blog post.

Case Studies

Do you have a success story to share? Or perhaps you know of someone who does? Case studies are a great type of post to showcase these successes.

If you have a business, these are essential to converting potential customers through your blog. You want to inform people of how your business has helped others in a significant way.

No matter your product or service, you can benefit from creating a case study. The thing to keep in mind is that these are more than a testimonial. Case studies are chock-full of valuable information pertaining to how you helped that customer.

You'll want them to go into detail of the issues they had prior to working with you. Maybe they were only getting a trickle of visitors a week.

After you've talked about the pain points they had, then go into detail of how you helped. Did you help increase their conversions? How about developed customized ways to draw in traffic?

No matter what, inform those reading your post of how you benefitted that customer. And don't worry, it won't sound egotistical.

Using these types of content will ensure you won't be defeated by writer's block again.

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The Burning Of Notre Dame Has Actually Strengthened My Catholic Faith

Corinthians 5:17 says, "Old things have passed away; behold, all things have become new."


Every year, Palm Sunday is the start of Holy Week in the Christian faith. As the most sacred time of the year, those who believe Jesus died on the cross for our sins hold these days dear in our hearts. 2019's Palm Sunday, however, is now held in infamy. The very next day, the precious Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris started to burn.

As the world now knows, the famed and historic Notre-Dame de Paris was spontaneously engulfed in flames on April 15, 2019. The cause has not yet been identified precisely but is most likely due to complications during the $6.8 million renovations the cathedral is currently under. Completed back in 1345, the nearly 800-year-old church has withstood the test of time relatively well.

Until now.

The modern world watched as one of the biggest treasures of the past burned away before our eyes, Twitter even erupted in an unprecedented coverage of this world-wide tragedy as many took to social media to pour their condolences and share memories of this French icon. Religion, race and personal beliefs aside, the world collectively grieved and lent support.

While this is truly a loss on a global scale, the blow comes as a particularly harsh one to the Catholic community after a particularly difficult season of Lent. From the Pope addressing allegations of sexual assault, to backlash over the controversial theatrical release of the film "Unplanned", this latest development seemed like a cruel joke in the days leading up to Easter Sunday. I myself felt affected by this fire hundred of thousand miles away in North Carolina. One of our most beloved holy churches was ebbing away in front of us and all God could do was watch.

However, despite all that, we must look forward.

Despite much of the church being reduced to ash, some of the priceless artifacts and objects that were hidden away in the cathedral have been able to survive the ordeal; such as the crown of thorns, numerous pieces of art, the rose windows, the altar cross shown above and the iconic bells of Notre Dame. Once news of this broke out, I was strengthed to my core knowing God was indeed there.

It seems like such an oxymoron to see such a tragedy as a sign of hope, yet the Bible itself is full of those. The 7 plagues that tormented Eygpt, the Great Flood, and even the death of Christ as examples.

As children of Christ, we are told at a very young age to never question his plan. He is all knowing and has a way of making everything fall into place. God sensed that Catholics were in the midst of a troubling time and brought us this opportunity of a new beginning. The burning taking place during Holy Week can also be taken as perfect timing.

The whole premise of this week revolves around the death of Jesus at the hands of Pontius Pilate, yet miraculously returned three days later before joining Our Father in Heaven, the cathedral can very well do the same and return better than before.

It is a devastating loss but already we are seeing evidence of joyous aftermath. As I noted before, people from all walks of life are offering support and condolences to a faith they were scorning just a week prior. Priceless artifacts have miraculously been recovered and plans for rebuilding have already started. This is a sign of a new beginning, that God is backing us through it all.

Do not question His plan, just have faith. The rest will fall into place.

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Is the power turned on and is it plugged in?

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