7 Truths About Living With Cats

Living with a cat (or cats) is a unique experience. They cause great joy and occasional frustration. And while they all have their very specific personalities, there are many similarities to which all cat owners can relate.

1. The kneading thing.

Whether it is to wake you up, or they're simply trying to make your lap more comfortable, cats assume that kneading your skin is the best way to reach their goals. Which is all fine and cute until after a few seconds they start to use their claws.

2. The box thing.

Cats love boxes (for whatever, indeterminable reason). And no matter what the shape of the box, they seem to find their own way to fit.

3. Your own furry personal assistant.

They walk across your keyboard. They stand in front of the monitor. They knock over your coffee. They provide high levels of furry, adorable distraction.

They're here to help.

4. So much stolen food.

No matter how much cat food you feed them, cats will ultimately try to eat as much human food as they can get their paws on. Don't sit down and expect to eat your own meal unhindered. There will be a wiggly kitty nose about two inches from your plate the entire time.

5. The laundry struggle.

This is a three-fold issue: you sometimes have to wash clothes that weren't dirty because they are covered in cat fur, your furry baby keeps hopping into the dryer when you try to take out your clothes or as soon as your clothes are nice and clean and folded and warm, they become the perfect napping space for your cat. Oh, and don't forget to buy a lint-roller brush.

6. Gaining acceptance.

Cats are a fickle species, and sometimes we have to go to great lengths to gain their acceptance. If one wants their affection, it is often necessary to prove oneself.

7. Too much cute.

They may be a little pushy or aloof at times, but cats are also extremely cuddly and loving (and you people who think cats are mean need to reassess the situation). They're too cute to ignore and too fluffy to resist.

Now go cuddle a kitten.

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