7 Trends College Students Inevitably Fall Into

College is the beginning of a new era for people, and with that comes certain lifestyle trends they swear they won't fall into. Whether it be food, fashion, or lifestyle, new college students swear that things will get better or stay the same, but they inevitably fail. Here are 8 trends college students swear they won't fall into, but get sucked in anyway.

1. Big shirt and running shorts

That's right ladies, you will at one point wear the famous big t-shirt and running short combo. At first, you thought you would dress up for class every day, but it turns out that sleeping in equals less fashion, and, in turn, you caring less overall. The real question is: are you wearing pants?

2. Pizza

Yes, pizza is a trend. The college stereotype that students essentially get paid in pizza seemed like an urban legend at first, but now you find yourself laying in bed, munching on a slice. You've become the typical student everyone thinks of when they think of college. Congratulation.

3. Wearing no makeup

You never thought that you'd be the girl that literally rolls out of bed and walks to class, but that's who you have become. Your foundation bottle is gathering dust on your desk (during the week). People do not recognize you when you go to class actually ready. College is a different world.

4. Seeing people from high school

College alumni swore up and down that you would almost never see people from high school on campus, but you've seen literally all of them. Sometimes, that was on purpose. College is a time to renew old friendships, start fresh, or completely cut people off, but no matter what you'll see people from high school.

5. Coffee

If you weren't a coffee drinker before, you are now. For those early mornings and late nights, coffee is there for you. It won't leave you or abandon you, and it motivates you to get stuff done. In college, coffee is the boyfriend you never had.

6. Getting sick of dining hall food

The first time you entered the dining hall, you couldn't believe your eyes; there was wall-to-wall food, all waiting for your consumption. You couldn't understand how people got sick of all of the option. Now, the mention of the dining hall makes you wish for anything else because you've been there so many times.

7. Not cleaning

Living in the dorms, you thought you could keep your stuff under control and dust at bay. You thought wrong. Dust flocks back as soon as you wipe it down, and you find a random sock in your desk drawer sometimes. You want to be clean, but who has time for that?

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