7 Tips To Help You Stay Afloat During Midterms

Hey, everyone!

It is about that time again... midterms are rolling around and homework is piling up. This has to be the second most stressful part of the semester (finals, anyone?).

I have compiled a list of self-care and academic tips that I find particularly useful during midterms, and I hope that they can help you, too!

1. Study in 20 Minute Intervals

It is scientifically-supported that studying in shorter increments of time over several days will help you retain information better. It will also help you keep your sanity!

2. Leave Those All-Nighters Behind

Getting a good night's sleep will help ensure information retention but most importantly will help keep your mental and physical health in check. Sleep deprivation can cause fatigue, depression, mental grogginess, and more. Help keep your mind and body happy and healthy by catching those Zzz's.

3. Let Yourself Have a "You" Night

Take a break from the studying and do what you love to do. Read a book, watch a movie, throw some fuzzy socks on, get cozy. Taking some time to relax will help you re-energize and rejuvenate.

4. Snack Smart

I know that when I'm stressed and slaying over assignments, I want to reach for some really junky food like chips or ice cream. What I aim to eat instead are foods that pack nutrients and will be nicer to my body like berries, mixed nuts, dark chocolate, and whole-grain bread.

5. Have a Study Buddy

Working with a friend will help make studying less lonely, keep you accountable, and fill your breaks with laughter and fun conversations.

6. Hit the Gym

Nothing is a better, natural mood-booster than getting some exercise-induced adrenaline pumping through your veins. If you're into something more scenic, go outside for a run or walk.

7. Remember That There is No Angry Way to Say "Bubbles"

Need a laugh? Go on and try it. You're welcome.

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