As you graduate high school and move on to your college life, here are a few tips to keep in mind along the way!

1. Don't use your head as your planner.

Time management is a valuable skill when you're in college, but don't rely on your head to remember all your assignments and plans for the week. Invest in a planner to ensure that you get to all your classes and appointments on time!

2. Read & obey the syllabus.

Most professors will follow the syllabus as though it's the law, and they typically won't be too happy if you asked them a question that's addressed in the syllabus. So read it, live by it & you'll be fine.

3. It's OK to say no.

College is an exciting time to try new things and be involved with as many activities as you can, but don't overstretch yourself. It's alright to say no and not be balancing too much on your plate.

4. Find a friend to workout with.

The "Freshman-15" is very real. Find a friend to hold you accountable and enjoy working out with. Think of it as a social break that helps improve your health and academic performance!

5. Networking matters.

The networking connections you make will last you far past your college years and will have an influence over your future career life. Make sure to be intentional in the professional relationships you create throughout college because this skill will last you a lifetime.

6. Sometimes making relationships is just as important as your GPA.

As I mentioned above, networking will help benefit you in your career life, long after your college academic career is over. It's important to make relationships and connections with your professors in college because they will be the ones submitting your recommendation letters to your future employers. So sometimes, making the connection with your professor by asking for help and letting them know you care about the course can be a tad more important than the A- you received instead of that A.

7. Don't forget to unplug.

We live in a society that relies heavily on social media to maintain relationships, but the best way to be plugged in is to be unplugged. Be present in your friendships and the relationships you make in college and take a break from being on social media. The memories you create without the phone will be a lot more important than the texting conversation you had that same night.