If you've ever seen "New Girl," you know that Schmidt is the always opinionated, resident Jew, extremely goal oriented, Long Island native with some of the best one-liners on TV. Although most of the words Schmidt says are wildly inappropriate or just downright weird, he's sometimes the most relatable one on the show.

1. When you cry over a movie and your friends make fun of you.

You're usually not an emotional person, but every once in a while something will hit you right in the feels. Don't worry about ruining your reputation, we know you're still that stone cold person just with a small soft spot.

2. When you have to give yourself a pep talk in the mirror to make it through the night.

Some nights you're just not feeling it and it takes a little extra encouraging to get pumped. You refuse to listen to anyone else trying to inspire you, so you take matters into your own hand. Don't let anyone judge you for talking to yourself because you know it works.

3. When you ace a test you didn't even study for.

Nothing is more empowering than dominating a test you barely studied for. You're a super genius, clearly. Don't think about the fact that maybe the reason you finished first is because the right answers were way more complex than you thought.

4. When your friends ask you for flirting advice.

You always act like you're really smooth but when it really comes down to it, you're pretty clueless on how to speak to the opposite sex. You just give them awkward advice ending with "But I don't really know.." just in case it doesn't work you can't be blamed.

5. When your messy roommate loses something she borrowed.

Nothing worse than trusting someone to borrow your favorite top but when you ask for it back it's gone missing. You're a good person for dealing with her mess but when it infringes on you that's when the war starts.

6. When your friends upload pictures where you don't look OK on Facebook.

Nothing worse than getting that notification you were tagged in photos you don't remember taking and absolutely know you did not approve of. You open that picture as fast as possible to see the damage and thank god for the untag option.

And most importantly...

7. When you're really enjoying your pizza.

Pizza is the greatest gift ever given to human beings and no one understands that better than inner fat boy Schmidt. Don't lie, we all do that little happy dance when we take the first bite of warm cheesy pizza.