1. Never

Let's be real people, a lot of times we don't even realize that we are cyberbullying. So before you decide that it's OK to engage in the act of cyberbullying,* check out this link!

2. Not now

If you want to be a cyberBULLY, at least know what you're getting yourself into.** I know, I know... math is boring, but I promise these stats are not.

3. No

How bizarre is this? YOU can cause this.***

4. Never

Whoever said being a leader is best is overrated, join the 81%, become A STATISTIC (there's nothing worse).****

5. Still no

If you are a cyberbully, you're resilient to anything!*****

6. Nope

Just think about what you would be doing.

7. You have to have gotten it by now

It's that simple.

*Which it's not

**But, save yourself the time and don't

***But don't

****Because this is the most horrible thing in the world, don't join them

*****Except for the law, jail-time... actually, you kind of suck if you cyberbully