7 Thoughts You Have At The Start Of Spring Semester

After a long winter break, most students are itching to get back to school (and their independence), but little did we know the surprises spring semester would bring us. The bad news? It's only the second week. Here are seven thoughts you have at the beginning of spring semester.

1. "I am not refreshed from break"

Why, you ask? Because I saw Becky and Amanda and Charlie at the gym and they requested three lunch dates each, my dog demanded personal quality time, my family put me on lock down, I didn't sleep, and I ate so much that I have emerged from my house as a human slug. That's why.

2. "How am I already sleep deprived?"

You messed up your sleeping schedule at home and you falsely believed that you could "fix it" when in a structured environment. Wrong.

3. "Wow! It's day three and I'm already behind!"

You open the syllabus. Your first midterm is two weeks away. You immediately start crying and question how valuable this degree is.

4. "I'm so sick of this food...again"

Wow, you totally missed eating coagulated mac and cheese and cold fries for a hot second there. Now, you are googling how long humans can go without food.

5. "I. Hate. Winter."

Remember when you wished for cold weather because you wanted to wear all of your cute sweaters? Well, now its -20 degrees outside, and you have to wear ALL of your sweater to not get frostbite. Other thoughts during this time of year include, but are not limited to: Why do my feet feel wet even though I'm wearing snow boots? What do I do with this huge winter jacket when I'm not wearing? Why the (insert your favorite string of expletives) is this happening to me?

6. "Wait, what class do I have today?"

What year is it? Did I enroll in classes? What do you mean I have to pay for books again? Most importantly, when is the weekend?

7. "I literally wake up at ten and I STILL cannot make it through a day without a nap"

Did I go to bed at three? Yes. Am I punishing myself? Maybe.

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