I mean I don’t know about you, but I haven’t really had that many crushes in college. Well, I’ve liked people but it hasn’t been the head over heels and butterflies in your stomach crush that you had in middle school. It’s been "this boy likes me because this" or "I like him because of that." Only a few instances have felt super special like "Man, this is the one for me" type of special. Until recently, I haven’t felt the long lasting spark with anyone, so here are seven thought you have when you have a cute crush on someone.

1. The famous “Does he like me??!”

Yes, girl, he does like you so stop worrying and love yourself.

2. Is he going to post that picture of us or should I?

Because we all know that Instagram pic official is the new Facebook official.

3. Are his parents going to like me? Are they going to like my parents?

Does he even want me to meet his parents? His parents are going to think I’m a hellion for sure. OH, man.

4. What if he finds out that I used to be a One Direction fangirl?

OK, their last album is a bop and “Sign of the Times” is my freaking jam so I’m basically still a fangirl and it’ll eventually come out at some point.

5. Do I tell him I like him or do I play it cool?

I mean this is a legit question because some people are straight up with their feelings and sometimes just outright saying you like someone will scare them off.

6. He is so cute like wow and so nice double wow

I mean there are a lot of a**holes out there, so when you find one that treats you right and isn’t a weirdo it’s a win. No more Ls for this gal.

7. WAIT, are there any red flags?

OK, he’s pretty normal, I think we’re chill.

College is a weird time for liking people, having crushes or dating. If you like him, go for it because it’s college and it’s your time to live it up!!