7 Things Your Cleaning Service Wants You To Know

This summer, I became an independent contractor for a cleaning company and let me tell you, I have absolutely learned a lot. Here are 7 things your cleaners really want you to know.

1. Wanna Help?

If you happen to stay overnight anywhere, please feel free to help your local cleaning people! The easiest way to do that is to strip the beds and collect the towels and put it all together. Don't try to remake the bed -- this often just confuses us and forces us to rewash everything.

2. Tubs Are Worse Than Toilets

I've cleaned my fair number of bathrooms, and let me tell you: tubs are way grosser than toilets. At least when you're cleaning a commode, you know exactly what you're getting yourself into. When you clean a tub and find excrement, hairballs, or other unsatisfactory items, you're not prepared. To the masses: please clean your tubs. They are so disgusting, you just have no idea.

3. Toilet Brushes Are A Must

I don't care what your cousin's boyfriend's sister's boss said, disposable toilet brushes are the worst thing humanity has seen in a while. If you're going to have a company over to clean, make sure that your toilet brushes are easy access. Otherwise, we often don rubber gloves and go in with a paper towel, which isn't exactly hygienic.

4. Leave On Time!

If you're staying anywhere with a set checkout time, please leave by that time. It's rude to leave late as that wastes your cleaners time (this is especially applicable for air bnbs; we usually have a lot that we have to drive to) and makes one thing very clear: you do not care about us or our jobs.

Leave! On! Time! (Side note: also avoid checking in early; we may not have gotten to your room quite yet, and it can stress us out.)

5. Clean Up Your Messes

(Look at that! Informational and entertaining.) In cleaning, we have two primary jobs: sanitation and presentation. Don't trash a place you don't own, because that will require me to spend more time on something than if you had just wiped it up. If you wouldn't leave a mess like that at home, what makes you think we want to clean it?

6. Cleaning Your Own House Is Much Harder

Above: actual footage of me being asked to clean something that belongs to me. I don't know what it is about cleaning your own house, but I find it impossible to face the prospect.

Maybe it's the fact that I can personally identify who made what mess, but anytime I have a party, I dread cleaning the house. Plus, I just came from a full day of work; why would I want to come home and keep working, this time for free?

7. It's Not A "Dirty" Job

Our job is only as dirty as you are. You decided to leave piles of urine lounging about and left it for me to clean up? That says more about you than it ever will about me.

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