7 Things Writers Can Relate To

As a fellow writer, I can just say, It is NOT easy. I can't tell you how many unfinished drafts I have in my computer. Plus, especially if your novel is fantasy, it is hard coming up with a whole new world with rules and laws and a functioning society. So if you are like me, you can probably relate to these 7 things


When I really try to think of an idea, I come up with ZERO. But then I am feeding my cat and BOOM! Story idea.

2. Writer's Block

Let me tell ya, I can sit at my computer for 5 hours without typing a SINGLE word.

3. Your browser history 

LOL. My internet history is the weirdest thing ever. BUT IT IS FOR A BOOK, I SWEAR!

4. Reality

When i tell someone I am a writer, they probably think I have a published work.... i DO NOT. bUT I will one day!

5. Time

The time I spend on ACTUAL writing vs the time I spend on surfing the internet is why I never finish a story.

6. Synonyms

I try so hard not to use basic words, that I end up writing something that not even I can comprehend.

7. We LOVE our characters

My characters are my children. I protect them at all costs! .... unless I have to kill them off

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