7 Things You Should Include In Your New Years Resolution

7 Things You Should Include In Your New Years Resolution

Make this your year.

It’s almost 2018, and I really cannot believe it. This time of year people tend to begin to reflect on the last year. Some of you may realize you experienced a lot of changes, some good and some not so good. Some of you may reflect and realize you didn’t accomplish as much as you had hoped to but that’s okay. We have this opportunity in front of each of us to reevaluate how we want 2018 to go. I know for myself in the past I would make a lot of superficial goals for the New Year but I want this year to be different. I want to come out of it a better version of myself. If you are aspiring for this year to be your year of growth and happiness then here are 7 Things you should have as your new years resolutions:

1. Stop looking to others to make you happy.

This one is an important one because many of us do it without even realizing we do. Listen to me when I say no one is responsible for your happiness except yourself. You have everything you need inside of yourself to be happy you just have to understand that while others can spark happiness, they are not responsible for keeping you happy all the time. People let you down but it’s up to you the way you react. Aspire to be and spread happiness this year.

2. Remove the toxicity in your life.

You do not deserve to have anyone in your life that brings you down. Toxic people are truly the worst type of people because sometimes you can’t even tell they are bad for you till they have affected you in some negative way. Take the time to evaluate the people in your life. Do they make you a better person? Do you feel joy when you’re with them or think about them? Do they want what’s best for you? If any of the answers to these questions is no, then you should take a step to set boundaries between them and yourself.

3. Be healthy.

This is not the typical “lose weight” goal because that shouldn’t be the goal. This means live a healthy lifestyle. Take care of yourself your mind, body, and soul. Put your health in the number one priority spot this year and watch the way your body and overall energy changes.

4. Be open

Being open means a lot of different things. Sometimes, at least for me being open is really hard. Being open in relationships is often scary especially if you have been hurt before. But you can close-up forever just because you are scared to get hurt again. It is all apart of life you have to be open and willing to experience new things, new people, loves, places, passions, anything. You have to fight the urge to close up and be willing to take a chance and experience what comes into your life.

5. Make mistakes.

If you are not making mistakes you are not living. We are all humans, humans make mistakes all the time. No one can live a perfect life no matter how hard they try to. Don’t be one of those people who puts on an act and tries to pretend they have everything under control at all times. Being “perfect” is one of the most unappealing qualities a person can have in my opinion. No one likes a know it all. You shouldn’t strive to be perfect because you will never achieve it. You should strive to be the best version of your self you can be. You should be willing to make mistakes and learn from them because that’s the only way you grow.

6. Step out of your comfort zone.

I know for myself at least that I have a lot of goals for my life. Many of which I will never be able to accomplish just sitting around waiting for them to come to me. The very popular quote, “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone” could not ring truer. Life gets started when you start taking risks and start trying new things, don’t wait till life passes you by and you look back and wish you did more while you could

7. Love more deeply.

Whatever you do in life the most important thing is to love and love deeply. When it comes to loving your job, you should truly love what you do and if you don’t then quit and find something you are passionate about and fall in love with it. If we are talking about friends, you should have the type of friendships in your life where you have a true love for them as people and you can trust them with your whole heart. When is comes to a relationship, if you say you are in love with someone it should be the type of love that is passionate and consuming, with person who makes you better and puts you first. No matter how crazy your family is or if your family isn’t blood but friendships that have formed into family, they love you and want what’s best for you, love them with all your heart, and be thankful for them.

Take this year and use it to become better. Try new things, meet new people, try and fail and try again, love and love deeply. Take charge of this year and make your year!

Cover Image Credit: Pexels

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Cover Image Credit: Beyoncé's Facebook Profile

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I Tried Hatching Chickens In My College Dorm Room

It didn't work the first time.


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