7 Things That Are Worse Than Being "Tired"

As college students, we get caught up in a world of constant deadlines for assignments and tests, along with the stress of wanting time to go out and have a marg with our best friends. So, I know I find myself saying three words very often... " I'm just tired ." Funny, though, when we say we're tired we don't mean it as a positive - but in comparison to so many more things that we could be... I'll take being "tired" any day of the week.

1. Alone

I don't mean this in the literal sense because we are all alone at some point in our day. What I mean is, you could be on your own in the world. You could have no friends, no family, no support at all. You could have no one to call on your bad days, and no one to celebrate with on the good days. Hug your people tighter.

2. Unable to buy food

You could literally be starving, unable to buy food to get relief. There are so many people in the United States alone suffering from hunger, many of them children. Be thankful.

3. Homeless

No roof over your head. No air conditioner in the heat, and no heat in the cold. With only the clothes on your back, and maybe a bag - you could be going place to place, or shelter to shelter, every night to sleep. Snuggle in your warm bed just a little more thankful tonight.

4. Unemployed

Unemployment is an extremely hard thing to face. We're in a time that finding a job is so much harder, whether you're in college and trying to find someone to work with your school schedule or a mother and wife who is frantically trying to help make ends meet. Go to work with a smile on your face no matter what you have going on in your personal life.

5. Lost

As a Christian, there are few things I would hate to be - but lost is one of them. Being lost in this evil world without knowing there is an all-powerful and compassionate God who created you for a purpose is something that I wouldn't wish on anyone. So next time you hit your knees to talk to the "Big Guy" upstairs, add that to your praises.

6. Unable to go to college

As a college student, I take my education very seriously. Being able to go to college at one of the greatest universities in America has always been something I have dreamed of. Now, I'm here. Now, I also realize how many people aren't able to get where I am. I realize how many people would love to be in that seat of my least-favorite class, but they aren't able. So, remember that next time you want to skip a class.

7. Sick

I don't know of anyone who likes being sick. I know I'm a big baby who can't get anything done when I'm sick. So every day, especially at this point in the semester, I wake up thankful to be healthy and able to do the things I love.

Whether it's being "tired" of class, of working, of studying or even being "tired" of being tired... Take a step back and think... there are so many worse things that you could be than simply "tired".

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