7 Things People Who Love To Be Comfortable Understand

Everyone loves to be comfortable, but some of us take it to an excessive level. I am one of those people, and I know I can't be alone. There are certain tendencies those of us who love to be comfy have, so here they are in list-form (to read from your favorite comfortable spot, of course).

1. You don't wear a lot of "nice" clothes.

Recently, while trying on my bridesmaid's dress for my sister's wedding (yay Courtney!), I looked in the mirror and could tell the dress fit well, but it didn't feel very comfortable. I realized it has been so long since I wore something other than a t-shirt that nice, normal clothes feel restrictive.

2. The need to lay down all the time.

You don't always necessarily need to be tired, you just always want to lie down simply because it's more comfortable. Why would you sit when you could lay down?

3. Blankets.

For those of us who take being comfortable to the extreme, a perfect night is a plethora of snacks next to a blanket/pillow nest on the couch.

4. Blanket cape.

Not only are blankets essential, but the most logical thing to do when you have to get up, is continue to wear it as a cape so you can keep the warmth wrapped around you, despite the restriction of arm movement.

5. Your pajamas and regular clothes are interchangeable.

What did you wear to sleep? Shorts and a t-shirt. What did you put on when you woke up? Shorts and a t-shirt. It's fine.

6. You relate to your pets more than you should.

Whenever I see one of my cats vault themselves into the dryer as soon as I open the door and curl up in the warm clothes, I can't even be mad because honestly, same.

7. You plan time into your schedule to be comfy.

"For every hour of homework, I'll lay down for ten minutes and take a break," is a thing I tell myself regularly during midterms or exams. But that usually just results in me moving all my work onto the couch with me.

Let's be real, we just love curling up on the couch way too much.

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