There are members of today's generation that have an old school mind set and love doing things the old school way, but there are also members of these generation that are considered "millennials." Unfortunately, these young people are so out of touch with reality. Largely due to advances in technology, here are seven major things today's generation needs to stop doing:

1. Caring about the number of likes we get.

Everyone gets how much fun it is to take the perfect picture and share it will all of your friends. There is nothing wrong with that. But, some people of this generation will delete a picture just because it didn't reach the amount of likes they desired. Are our priorities that out of order that we actually give a shit about how many likes we get on Facebook and Instagram?

2. Fighting over text.

Every single person in today's generation is guilty of having a serious argument with a friend or significant other at one point or another. A lot of the time, texting the person you are mad at is out of spite of the moment. But this is the most immature way you could possibly handle a fight. Solve your problems in person stop hiding behind a screen. Grow up. Handle your problems like adults. For some reason, we will say exactly what we are thinking through our fingertips, but we don't have the courage to say it to someone else's face. There is something wrong with that. We are lacking so many social skills by doing this.

3. Thinking the world owes you something.

This generation is beyond lazy without a doubt. We don't want to work to be successful, we feel that it should be handed to us. I blame part of the problem on parents; parents who gave their children everything they wanted. Kids need to be told no sometimes. We don't realize the value of a dollar because Mom and Dad will give you money whenever you ask for it. This such and age of entitlement, and we need to stop expecting life to be handed to us.

4. Having poor manners.

This goes way further than texting at the table or being rude to a staff member. We curse in front of children, we rarely show gratitude, we disrespect and disobey our elders, and we are unkind to people we disagree with. We are so stuck in our own worlds and don't care about the image we present to those around us. Kids are getting away with almost everything nowadays, and that needs to stop.

5. Thinking everything should be free.

I think a lot of people take advantage of the things we see as "free." But the harsh truth is that absolutely nothing is free. Our freedom isn't even free, there are men and women who fight for that freedom. College shouldn't be free. I bet it would be nice to not have to pay thousands of dollars each year, but then taxpayers would be paying for your education, which isn't fair. Everything has a cost, get used to it.

6. Judging.

Our generation is so good at pointing fingers. We take one look at someone and label them and make assumptions about them. You never know what someone is going through. That girl you called a bitch just lost a loved one, and that man's run down clothes you made fun of can't afford nice ones. What every happened to "If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say it at all?"

7. Believing the first thing you read on the internet.

We are the worst at looking at something once and believing it's true. People will even start debates and get fired up about a story or a picture. Did you even check to see if that was a genuine source? There are multiple sides to every story, so start doing your research before you finialize your judgement.