7 Things No One Tells You About Moving Out

7 Things No One Tells You About Moving Out

Leaving home comes with a few difficult lessons.

Oh lord, it’s time. You’ve got your life packed into the back of your parent’s minivan; all of your memories -- compiled into boxes bursting at the seams with the memories of your past. It’s happening: You enter the car and go forth into the new world of where you’ll spend the next couple of years -- alone and by yourself, but you’re ready.

Eight months ago, this was me. I had taken all of my self and moved to the big city, leaving everything behind. However, I wasn’t afraid. For me, this was the most anticipated and exciting moment of my life. I couldn’t wait to leave my small, suburban prison that confined me. Yet, I had a lot to learn; I didn’t know what to expect -- I suddenly found myself surrounded by a wall of overwhelming responsibility that I would soon realize made me the person who I am today. Some would take me by surprise, and even knock me into reality -- they are as follows:

1. You have bills.

Yes, having your own space means you have your own finances! Did you really think that you’d be living scot-free? Mommy isn’t there to pay your utilities anymore; remember, you’re on your own. You have responsibilities now! Since you have your own space, you’ll be spending a good amount of your income on bills! This contains (but is not limited to) gas, electric, cable -- the basics that allow you to live comfortably. On top of that, you have rent, and maybe a credit card if you can trust yourself. Good luck budgeting!

2. Grocery shopping becomes a chore on its own.

Oh, did I mention that your parents aren’t there to feed you either? Surrounded by your already insanely busy schedule, you’ll have to find the time to make it to the grocery store. Yes, this includes also learning how to cook; two birds, one stone. You could cop out and go to Chick-Fil-A like I do, but that’s expensive. You’ll end up spending all of your money on someone cooking for you and end up looking like this:

3. What do you mean I have to clean?

It’s noon, and you’ve just kicked everyone out from the night prior. Looking down at your feet, you see there's trash everywhere; it’s like you’ve been placed in your own personal episode of "Hoarders." It’s a hell-sized mountain of cans and cups covered by a cloak of regret and crushed memory -- and you get to clean it! How exciting! Guess who’s around to help you clean it! You and whatever excuse you might make to procrastinate on cleaning ("American Horror Story"?), but it’s much better to clean up in the moment than sit in a pile of filth.

4. Employment is a necessity.

After you’ve realized that all of your antics cost money, you start to realize that you might need to find a way to replenish your cash. This isn’t "Animal Crossing"; money doesn’t grow on trees. You’ll start applying for jobs and might not see any employment coming anytime soon. After eating Ramen and Spaghetti-o’s for a while, you might get an interview or two, but it’s quite the humbling experience when you get the call that you’re hired.

5. Feeling homesick is almost inevitable.

This is by far the most crushing experience -- especially to those of you who live out of your home state. You will miss home, and unfortunately, some of you won’t be able to just take the train home whenever you feel like you need to see your family. You’ll call your family and miss it all: the warmth, the aspect of family. You can’t take it with you when you leave. But life goes on, and you’ll realize that what once was is what you have with you from the memories.

6. What’s an appointment?

It’s the dead of winter and BAM. You’ve caught yourself a wonderful case of the flu, your stomach is doing backflips, and headaches that feel like a cinder block was thrown at your forehead. Who do you think is there to take you to the doctor? Get out of bed, grab your phone and call the doctor- you have to be the one to take the responsibility to drag yourself to the clinic to get some kind of treatment. Don’t worry, though, this too shall pass.

7. No one can tell you what to do anymore.

All of this responsibility and absolutely no one can tell you what to do anymore! You’ll sit there by yourself and wonder how you’ll balance it all. It’s not easy and there is no instruction manual to tell you what you’re supposed to do. You’ll pull through -- it’s quite the challenge, but almost everyone comes out alive in the end.

Sit back, and dream on your own. It’s your life, and neither I nor anyone else can tell you how to live it. These seven things have been some of the struggles that I’ve gone through; I get homesick, lazy, and sometimes even suffer from the occasional fit of unbearable procrastination. Don’t allow yourself to slip into a self-fueled shame spiral, and never amount to the amazing feeling of being self-sufficient. I promise you that you’ll emerge stronger if you do.

Cover Image Credit: James Novack

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7 Reasons Why Literature Is So Important

"Literature Is One Of The Most Interesting And Significant Expressions Of Humanity." -P. T. Barnum

Today, there are too many people who believe that literature is simply not important or underestimate its abilities to stand the test of time and give us great knowledge. There is a stigma in society that implies one who is more inclined toward science and math will somehow be more successful in life, and that one who is more passionate toward literature and other art forms will be destined to a life of low-paying jobs and unsatisfying careers. Somewhere along the line, the world has come to think that literature is insignificant. To me, however, literature serves as a gateway to learning of the past and expanding my knowledge and understanding of the world. Here are just a few reasons why literature is important.

1. Expanding horizons

First and foremost, literature opens our eyes and makes us see more than just what the front door shows. It helps us realize the wide world outside, surrounding us. With this, we begin to learn, ask questions, and build our intuitions and instincts. We expand our minds.

2. Building critical thinking skills

Many of us learn what critical thinking is in our language arts classes. When we read, we learn to look between the lines. We are taught to find symbols, make connections, find themes, learn about characters. Reading expands these skills, and we begin to look at a sentence with a larger sense of detail and depth and realize the importance of hidden meanings so that we may come to a conclusion.

3. A leap into the past

History and literature are entwined with each other. History is not just about power struggles, wars, names, and dates. It is about people who are products of their time, with their own lives. Today the world is nothing like it was in the 15th century; people have changed largely. Without literature, we would not know about our past, our families, the people who came before and walked on the same ground as us.

4. Appreciation for other cultures and beliefs

Reading about history, anthropology, or religious studies provides a method of learning about cultures and beliefs other than our own. It allows you to understand and experience these other systems of living and other worlds. We get a view of the inside looking out, a personal view and insight into the minds and reasoning of someone else. We can learn, understand, and appreciate it.

5. Better writing skills

When you open a book, when your eyes read the words and you take in its contents, do you ask yourself: How did this person imagine and write this? Well, many of those authors, poets, or playwrights used literature to expand their writing.

6. Addressing humanity

All literature, whether it be poems, essays, novels, or short stories, helps us address human nature and conditions which affect all people. These may be the need for growth, doubts and fears of success and failure, the need for friends and family, the goodness of compassion and empathy, trust, or the realization of imperfection. We learn that imperfection is not always bad and that normal can be boring. We learn that life must be lived to the fullest. We need literature in order to connect with our own humanity.

Literature is important and necessary. It provides growth, strengthens our minds and gives us the ability to think outside the box.

Cover Image Credit: google.com/images

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13 Songs That Will Get You In Your Feelings

Get some tissues and turn up your volume dial because you are about to cry. In the best way though!


People need to start realizing it's okay to be sad! When you are feeling in the dumps, these songs will either uplift you or make you sadder. Pick your battle and let's do this!

1. Hopeful by Ta-ku

This is a melodic, instrumental song that will melt your heart. Every time I hear this song, I reminisce and feel a jolt of love through my bones. There's also an amazing shift change towards the end of the song that is revitalizing.

2. Wait by M83

There's an 80% chance you have listened to this song once in your lifetime. It's probably because every movie wants a snippet of the song to display a sad or dramatic moment. Either way, this song makes me feel hurt every time I hear it.

3. Stranger In A Room by Jammie XX and Oliver Simm

Man, this song hits home for me. Have you ever been in a room with somebody that was once important to you and now they are just another stranger? Jamie already has a haunting voice over the song, and you feel paralyzed.

4. Is There Somebody Who Can 

SORRY I HAD TO... This song reminds me of my little brothers. Matty wrote this for his, so I think about how they are doing now that I am away from home. I have DEFINITELY cried to this song before.

5. The Night We Met by Lord Huron

This song is haunting because we can all recall a time we first met someone and how they impacted our lives. The echoing voice reminds me of another time. I will always appreciate this song.

6. BURY YOU by SBTRKT feat. The-Dream

I just remembered this song and got chills. The beat in this gets to you because this song is about putting a toxic person in the past and "burying them."

This Song Is Not About A Girl by Flume & Chet Faker 

"Cocaine heart is broken/time to retire," at least I think those are the lyrics. This song has an amazing buildup that will get you in or out of your feels. Chet Faker has a memorizing voice that deserves to be recognized.

Find You by Robert Glasper Experiment x KATYRANDA

Robert Glasper Experiment has a very interesting approach to jazz, and KATYRANDA knows his way around making a good beat. The lyrics of this song are relatable to anyone who has experienced a heartbreak. This song has gotten me through some hard times.

9. Rivers and Roads by The Head and The Heart

This song immediately reminds me of my best friend who lives in Chicago. She's far away from me and I miss her every day. "Rivers 'til I reach you" gets me through the stressful times in college when I know I will see her soon. I have cried with her listening to this song. Love you boo!

Daughters by John Mayer

I get major childhood memories listening to this song because my mom and dad used to sing me this song. Now that I'm getting older, this song will always be close to my heart.

11. Nikes by Frank Ocean

How could I forget to mention Frank Ocean? I just started listening to him a few weeks ago (I have been missing out on a LOT). He has a beautiful falsetto voice paired with chill beats. I find myself singing this song the most from his album. There are several Frank Ocean songs you can post for when you're in your feelings but this is the right song for me.

12.Get You by Daniel Caesar feat. Kali Uchis

Another artist to check out is Daniel Caesar. He has beautiful slow and romantic songs that make you want to live your fantasy. This has a positive outlook on relationships, so this puts me in my feels the right way.

13. Stay by Mac Miller

Last but CERTAINLY NOT LEAST, we have Mac. Even before the tragic news, this song (or entire album) put me in my feelings because it is romantic and funky and unique. This one is for you, we love and miss you dearly.

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