7 Things You Miss About Home In College

Going away to college can be the greatest experience of your life, but it can also be one of the hardest, as you have to leave behind the things you love. Here are seven things I miss about home while away at school.

1. Home cooked food

That good old home cooked food just can't be replaced! Shoutout to mama's mashed potatoes!

2. Seeing your friendly neighborhood shop owners

Wasn't it nice being surrounded by stores and bakeries with owners who KNEW you? You could get all the discounts you wanted with quality service!

3. Your friends

This one is a no-brainer! Who wouldn't miss their friends from back home?

4. Your BED

Remember when your back would lay against your bed with extreme comfort? Yeah, me too.

5. Your local bakery

No matter where you go in your college town, that local croissant just can't be beat!

6. Your FAMILY

Family keeps you grounded and sends you unconditional love, so it only makes sense that you would miss them!

7. Not being broke all the time

Remember when you had money to spend and you weren't a broke college student? Oh, what a lovely time!

Although you may wish you had these things with you all the time, it just makes you appreciate them 100x more when you get the chance to go back home. Remember to always SAVOR the moment.

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