7 Things Only Holiday Babies Experience During The Holidays/Their Birthday

Thanksgiving is finally over, which means I will no longer be completely judged for listening to Christmas music. However, December doesn’t only mean Christmas for everyone, some of us have birthdays that fall around or on the holidays.

But there are few things that happen when you are born around the holidays.

1. You understand you aren’t entitled to the spotlight

As a kid, you don’t understand this as much, but as you get older you realize you were born in the season of giving. So, by the time you’re an adult you are more interested in the kids having a good Christmas than people remembering it’s your birthday.

2. However, people combining your birthday and Christmas gifts gets old real fast

Unfortunately, while everyone else you know gets very distinct birthday and Christmas gifts, you get the annoying combined gift out of convenience. So excuse my blank look when you hand me a gift and you say this is for my birthday and Christmas.

3. You never get to hang out with your friends

Why? Because they are all with their families because it’s Christmas.

4. You can’t go out

Because everything is closed on Christmas so you are forced to stay home with your family.

5. People always tell you how awful/amazing your birthday is

Every time someone finds out when your birthday is they make a point to either let you know how sorry they are or how amazing it is that your birthday falls during Christmas time. And then proceed to list all the reasons that is either horrible or amazing to either sympathize or make you feel better.

6. You either hate or love Christmas

I absolutely love Christmas, but I know a few other people who share my birthday that hate it because it overshadows their birthday. Then there are the people like me who prefer to celebrate Christmas over their birthday so they absolutely adore the holiday.

7. You get to celebrate with your entire family

Parents, siblings, aunts, uncles, grandparents and cousins are all gathered in one place for the holidays. And that means you get to spend your birthday with everyone you love.

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