As the year is winding now and finals are just around the corner, its time to think about summer vacation. Although everyone needs a break, there are definitely a few things we will all miss about Villanova.

1. Holy Grounds.

Although you'll be about to get your fix of Starbucks' iced coffees over the summer, a part of you will miss the beloved Holy Grounds. It's not the best coffee, but part of the Villanova experience.

2. The Spit.

Even though the food is subpar at best, we're all going to miss eating every meal with our friends.

3. The Courts.

Ahhh the courts. The apartments where you can go to four different frats in one night and manage to see everyone you know.

4. Living with roommates.

Unless you had a psycho roommate, you're going to miss the company of a roommate. Who else are you going to order Chinese food with at 2 AM?

5. Campco.

No Zilly fries for three months?! No thanks.

6. Basketball Season.

Say goodbye to tailgates, Jay Wright, and storming Lancaster Ave (until next year at least!).

7. Friends.

After living with some of your best friends, it's going to be hard not seeing them every hour of every day.

Have a great summer.. and GO CATS!