Simply stated, it's the worst time of the year to be a college student.

We're drowning under the crippling weight of countless exams, papers, presentations, and assignments. Ads for holiday shopping serve as a constant and relentless reminder of our incessant debt. And worst of all, we're too busy to watch "25 Days of Christmas" every night.

The only free time us coeds have is spent sleeping and lying to our Instagram followers that we're having an awesome start to the holiday season. So clearly we don't have time to make a wish list. The year is 2015, and it's finally time to take a stand and put an end to the muscle cramps from all the fake smiles that come along with opening up gifts we don't want or need.

So here's a list to follow if you need help getting your favorite college student exactly what he/she wants this holiday season.

1. A nap

And not a sissy 15-minute power nap. Like a four hour, full sleep cycle, dream-filled nap.

2. Money

We're talking checks. Gift cards. Cold, hard cash. We don't discriminate.

3. More Data

An absolute necessity.

4. A home-cooked meal

Because at this point, the mere mention of dining hall chicken or cold cereal makes us throw up a little bit in the back of our throats.

5. A full tank of gas

And maybe a car wash, too?

6. Another nap

And it still won't be enough sleep.

7. Justin Bieber tickets

Because, hello, who doesn't want that?

Join the movement—it's time to put a stop to business card holders and socks under the tree. Get your favorite student something they'll really cherish this year.