7 Things Boys Do That Frustrate Girls

7 Things Boys Do That Frustrate Girls

You should stop doing these things immediately

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Has a guy ever said or done something to you that makes you filled with rage? If you clicked on the article, then the answer is probably yes.

So what are those things that guys say or do that frustrates girls? You can probably think of a ton, but here are some that I have come up with:

1. Asking "are you PMS-ing?"

If girls show even a hint of frustration, boys automatically will come to the conclusion that you are on your period and in fact PMS-ing. Can girls not have one bad day without being accused of being on her period? And if the girl is in fact on her period, give her a break! It's not easy being a girl!

2. Treating you differently around his friends

I'm sorry I'm not "cool enough" to be near you and your friends, but show some respect! If you're hanging out with your guy friends and your girlfriend comes by to say hi, don't be rude and ignore her! Your friends should at least have the privilege to know who she is. You should treat your girlfriend the same, whether your friends are around or not.

3. Being oblivious to everything we say

If you and your girlfriend are in an argument and she says "it's fine," she's obviously not! Stop being so oblivious and do everything you can to prevent her from going to bed on a bad note. Guys should know the phrase "It's fine," translates to "no, I am in a terrible mood but I'll just say it's fine because I don't want to argue."

4. Replying in one or two words

Like, okay, I sent this long paragraph of how I feel or why I'm mad and all you can come up with is "okay cool"? Or I'm trying my best here to continue on the conversation and you text back "haha"? I guess I'm the only one trying. These phrases drive girls crazy – and don't get me wrong, any short replies after a long paragraph will get girls heated.

5. Blowing you off for plans with another girl

I understand you have other friends-that-are-girls, but if you made plans with me first, then don't just blow me off last minute to hang out with that other chick from science class. And don't lie about it on top of that!

6. Dropping your self-esteem

Some boys just know where your weakest points are and like to stab at them. If a girl is self conscious or has low self-esteem, why do you feel the need to make them feel worse by asking them about it?

7. Apologizing without meaning it

If you are going to say sorry for what you did wrong, then say it sincerely. If you don't feel the need to apologize, don't do it. It's better than an empty apology.

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