Being a server is a lot of work. Servers spend hours on their feet going back and forth from the wait station to their sections making sure each and every table is happy. Working hard to please others is exhausting, so it's no surprise that there are some things that customers do that drive every waiter/waitress absolutely insane.

1. Getting interrupted while serving another table

I can't tell you how many times I have been taking another table's order or refilling their drinks when another table (that I was about to check on) waved me down or snapped their fingers at me to get my attention. Excuse me, sir, do you see these four other tables? You have no priority over them and I will get to you as soon as possible so please be patient.

2. Sucky tips

People. Unless your server completely neglected you then you should at least tip 15 percent, but 20 percent is preferred. Servers make $2 an hour so they rely on your tips to pay rent, eat, feed their kids or pets, etc. It is their income. Someone literally left me a candy bar and $0... I don't even like candy. Don't be stingy, and if you're stingy get your food to go.

3. Rude notes on receipts

If you have a problem, then you should tell your server. Odds are they can help you with whatever you're upset about. Leaving a nasty note is not only rude, but accomplishes absolutely nothing for either party involved.

4. Asking for a side AFTER the food gets there

If you want a side of ranch, or a side of anything, ask for it when you order your food. That way the server doesn't have to make multiple trips when they could have just made one. Be cool. Ask for your sides when you order your food.

5. Big parties that pay separately

Big parties that pay separately are the worst. It is manageable if you're patient, but don’t go yelling what you want from across the table while the waitress is taking someone else's order and expect the server to know which check to put it on.

6. When people say they're ready and then take forever to order

I hate when I ask if a table is ready to order and then they say yes just to discuss for 5 minutes on what appetizer they want, if someone wants to split a meal with them, etc. I could have refilled all of the waters in my section during this time.

7. People that walk in 10 minutes before close

It is common courtesy not to do this. I am going to be nice to you, but I will not be happy. After a long shift, the last thing a server wants to do is stay 45 minutes past closing time serving a person that obviously doesn't care about anyone but themselves.