7 Tell Tale Signs You're Ready For Summer

7 Tell Tale Signs You're Ready For Summer

It's gotten to that point during second semester where we're all ready to be done.

Maddie Blank

As the end of school year rolls around, most college students are more than ready to be done. The amount of stress, schoolwork, and activities has taken it's toll, and it's time to head on home. We all love being in college, but at this stage, we just want to get the hell out of there. So, if you're like me and the majority of college students right now, here's 7 ways you know that you're more than over second semester of college.

1. You have no motivation.

You've given it your all this past year, and as the end crawls closer, you are left with little to no motivation. As much as you try to focus on school and do well, your drive is no longer there. Maybe it's hidden underneath your bed somewhere?

2. Your liver needs a break.

One of the many perks of college is the extracurriculars, *coughs* aka partying. However, with that being said, your body is definitely needing that break. It's time to relax and let your body re-cooperate.

3.You miss your family.

As much as you may not want to admit it, you miss your parents, siblings, and even your pets. Despite the fact that they may annoy you to no end, you're looking forward to see them (at least for a couple days).

4. The promise of summer.

Once the final month of the school year begins, all that you can think about is summer. The warmth, summer nights, laying out in the sun, being with your hometown friends - everything you can imagine.

5. Sleeping in your own bed.

There's nothing quite like coming home and being able to sleep in your own bed again. It'll be just the R n' R that the doctor prescribed.

6. No more school.

Unless you're taking summer classes, getting away from the endless amount of school work is a dream come true. No having to worry about deadlines, exams, projects, or whatever else college throws your way. You'll finally be able to let your brain breathe.

7. Going to visit your college friends.

All throughout the year, you've experienced college with all of your friends. But now, you'll have the opportunity to see them in their hometown. You'll get to experience the life that they had before they met you to embark on the journey of college.

Well, there you have it! Seven reasons you know you're ready to end your year at college. But don't worry, we all know we'll be more than excited to finally come back and do it all again once first semester rolls around.

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