7 Surprising Struggles Of The College Kid Going Home For Summer

It's about that time to pack up our dorm rooms or apartments and either hit the road or airport for summer time in our home states. The scariest thought other than finals week is going home for summer. We are back to our old ways of life, mom doing the laundry and cooking us dinner but a piece of us remains in our college towns.

What are we going to do without our happy hours we used to attend religiously, being able to walk to our friends rooms and neglecting responsibilities....

Going home for summer is honestly weirder than you think, you're just living life for 10 months at school and then completely uproot yourself and live at home for 3 months. College kids basically live the closest double lives to Hannah Montana.

So welcome home college kids, get ready to hear the word "no" a lot!

1. Happy Hour from 4-never!

When you go home you obviously don't have your favorite bars anymore, its back to high school living. So kiss your weekly happy hours goodbye, they will be missed.

2. "I'll be over in 5."

Being able to just pick up and walk over to your friends dorms is a thing of the past.

3. "No"

You just got told "no" to going out at 12 pm on a Wednesday, welcome home!! Your parents think they are in charge again what a funny concept!

4. Work, Work, Work, Work-Rihanna

Being buried in schoolwork once seemed like hell, but once your home the real work begins. Summer jobs will consume you and in no time you'll be praying for a 10-page paper instead!

5. Uber-nowhere

It's the remix, you went from Uber-everywhere to absolutely nowhere. If you are going home to your rural area then you obviously know that Uber doesn't exist anymore.

6. "I don't have to swipe in here..."

Give it like at least 2 weeks, every building you enter you'll be trying to use your swipe card to get in.

7. Boredom will set in.

Even if you're excited about going home by the end of June you're going to be at your final straw and be begging to go back early.

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