7 Struggles All Artsy People Know

I love to paint, write, draw, craft, etc. And anyone who loves creative and artsy activities can relate to the need to create all the things.

And while most of us would say that crafting is a relaxing activity, I think there are also certain creativity-induced stresses that we can all relate to...

1. The need to make ALL the things, but having no solid ideas.

You keep thinking of project ideas, keep seeing things on Pinterest, get everything set up and then... nah. You actually didn't like that idea that much. *Le sigh.*

2. Having bunches of ideas, and unable to work on them.

Inspiration for multiple projects at once... and you can't decide what to start on first. Or you start and then switch to something new and then start a third and nothing gets finished.

3. Having all new supplies and no time to use them.

New bottles of paint, unopened packages of paper... but unfortunately everything has a deadline except for your favorite hobbies. But opening up the bag from Hobby Lobby will feel like Christmas morning when you finally have the time. (A side effect of this love is getting new school supplies, which you know will give you pain, but you still take great joy in buying because of that new-paper smell.)

4. Starting a new project, getting caught up, and then suddenly getting EXTREMELY tired.

Glitter stuck in the carpet, the glue gun is on, paintbrushes need to be washed, not to mention the entire stock of A.C. Moore is unpacked on the floor (just me?). You've been going strong for three hours or so and then it suddenly hits you. You need food and you suddenly feel so tired that you probably won't clean up. I think this is when Creativity runs out and needs to recharge. Or at least have a cup of coffee.

5. Seeing other artists and just... why.

Hours spent on something you're proud of. And then you see people who are just so much better and can't deal.

6. Wet paint and glue... and pets.

For those of us who love animals as well as crafting, it's hard to find places where our fur babies can't "help" with our masterpieces. It's a different form of creativity.

7. "I liked it better before."

Too painful to even write about in detail. You tried to make something better, but you liked the version you had before. Whyyyy...

But despite the struggles and rather intense amount of cleanup... spending time doing artsy things is something you'll always love.

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