7 Signs You Are Obsessed With Harry Potter

7 Signs You Are Obsessed With Harry Potter

3. You have done the Harry Potter themed workouts for when you watch the movie.

Harry Potter.

This is something that has stuck with generations for years and years. It started off as a book series that grew into a hit movie series and now has merchandise all over the world and theme parks in dedication to it. This story has taken over the hearts of so many.

And I am among those who were won over by Harry Potter. I was introduced to Harry Potter in elementary school and have been obsessed ever since. If you are like me, then I am sure you can relate to the 7 (see what I did there?) signs of being obsessed with Harry Potter.

1. You have read the book series more than two times.

Anyone can read a book series a couple times, but can you say you have read the series multiple times and still have the same feeling you had when reading it the first time??

2. You have attempted and possibly completed a nonstop Harry Potter movie binge.

There are 8 movies, and each one is relatively lengthy. It is a superfan's dream to sit down and watch all 8 right in order without stopping. If you have tried and/or succeeded, you're definitley obsessed.

3. You have done the Harry Potter themed workouts for when you watch the movie.

Pinterest and many other sources have a vast amount of HP themed workouts to do while watching the movies. Some make you do ten pushups everytime a spell as cast, or ten jumping jacks everytime Ron says "bloody hell".

4. You own all the other books and merchandise you possibly can that deal with HP.

Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them, Quidditch Through the Ages, behind the scenes of the movies, the Marauder's Map, your own personal wand. . . need I go on?

5. It is a life dream and goal to go to Harry Potter World at Universal - if you haven't gone already.

For me, no I have not gone. I will one day, but that day has not come yet. I can only imagine it is everything a superfan could dream of and more. I can't talk about the fact that I haven't been yet or I get too emotional . . .

6. You are offended when people do go to HP World and have no idea what is going on or where they are.

I recently talked to someone who went WHO DIDN'T KNOW THE NAME OF HOGWARTS. It's fine, I wasn't upset or anything . . .

7. You are currently saving to buy all the picture books that are coming out and plan to read each and everyone to your children as they grow up.

You wanna pass on the HP love and keep the love and life of Harry Potter alive for many more generations to come.

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