I love working in the food industry but some days, people just act up. People just say the darnedest things when they're hungry.

1. “Alright, Stay with me now…”

Sir, you're about to tell me what you want for lunch, rest assured I will be able to keep up with what you are saying. There’s no need for you to act like you're handing over national secrets or anything serious.

2. “I’m in a hurry, can you make sure I get my food quickly?”

I’m sorry but if you decided to come into a place that is typically popping for lunch -- and you see that the whole restaurant is full, don’t ask me that. Use your common sense and make a deduction about whether or not you have time to wait. I’m not a wizard; I’m only here to take your order.

3. “Can I talk to your manager please?”

This is typically said with copious amounts of sass and usually after something minuscule has happened. But yeah, sure, I’ll get my manager. I’m sure they’ll love to hear about how you’ve been personally victimized by the fact that your food took too long to come out of the kitchen. I’m sure those ten minutes were very rough. Once you make your way back to your table, happy with yourself, my manager will return to his office like nothing even happened, obviously without reprimanding any of the employees.

4. “Um, I’m sorry, but this wasn't supposed to have this on it.”

Okay, well, I know that I put your order in right and again, if it’s a busy time during the day, relax, something probably just got mixed up in the kitchen. However, having me bring your plate back into the kitchen and forcing them to remake food that you’ve pretty much already finished isn't cool.

5. “Could you clean off the floor by our table? It’s a mess.”

Oh yes, let me just do that for you really quick. You are my top priority. I’m so sorry that the few crumbs on the floor almost ruined your dining experience.

6. “Okay, and he/she wants…”

Nothing bothers me more when children go up to the cash register and stand there when their parents order for them. It makes sense when they’re children but if you are over the age of, I don’t know, 13, you can speak up and tell me what you want to eat.

7. “Hey, yeah, I have an order to pick up.”

Oh yes, let me just magically guess your name and order. There are about 20 other bags behind me but sure look at me like I’m an idiot when I have to ask for your name.

And, last but definitely not least, people who don’t tip. Don’t be that person; no one likes that person. Just do it. Even if you just put down a dollar it’s better than nothing. Working with food might be stressful at times, but all in all it’s a fun experience, because if anything the people that come in will always offer savage entertainment.