7 Reasons Why College Students Love Springtime

Ah yes, Spring time. Enjoy it because winter will stop at nothing to come again. Literally. Surprisingly, on snapchat my friend posted this "favorite thing about springtime" questionnaire and I saw what she wrote so I just have to give her a little shout out. It says, "I can get iced bubble tea and mother won't yell at me" - Ryana Ali, a sophomore, communication major.

1. Flowers

I love it when the flowers start to bloom. Especially Cherry Blossoms! #DMV

2. Sunshine

The brightness may blind me but it's so worth it after the cold dreadful days

3. The temperature

Life gets better when it's warmer - says science

4. Spring break

My body may not be spring break ready but my brain sure is.

5. Spring breeze

That perfect spring breeze has me looking 10x cooler than I really am.

6. Going outside

Definitely, one of my favorite activities in the springtime is going outside and doing homework in warm, sunny weather.

7. Summer is on the way

Another term is ending and summer is on the way!

Furthermore, I hope your springtime is sunny and that you manage to get through the semester with amazing grades. Remember to study in the sun and don't panic too much! You got this!

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