As a child, there was always one thing I've always wanted to do: see lanterns fly into the sky. I didn't know that on June 24th, 2017, my childhood dream would come true. I always thought that lantern festivals only had to do with, well, lanterns... I was so wrong.

Going to a lantern festival was by far one of the best experiences of my life. I never knew I could feel so many different emotions and feelings. There's more than just lanterns when you go to lantern festival: there's live music, s'mores, food stands, and an occasional porta-potty. The atmosphere is undeniably the best; everyone wants to have a good time. Lighting lanterns can signify a countless amount of things which is why going to a lantern festival is different for everyone. We all go for different reasons. Here are a few of them:

1. Celebrating life

Lantern festivals can be a reason for you to be thankful for the enjoyment life brings you.

2. Mourning the death of a loved one

There are a lot of people that go to lantern festivals to send their love to loved ones that have passed on.

3. Living in the moment

Most lantern festivals have music and activities to do before the lantern send-off. The beforehand gives you the time to truly become engaged with the magical experience.

4. Making new friends

A lantern festival is a good way to make new friendships. You can really start to connect with people when you're around all of the good energy.

5. Making wishes and goals

Lantern festivals are good for making wishes and goals that you want to obtain. It's kind of like making a New Years Resolution, but in a more memorable way.

6. Having a date night

If you want a cool and unique date night with your significant other then attending a lantern fest is definitely the route to take. The breathtaking view will be something you both won't forget and you might end up creating a tradition.

7. Creating memories

Whether it's by yourself or with friends, family, and/or a significant other, you're bound to make some incredible memories. Holding a lantern and watching it float away is absolutely spectacular and there's nothing else like it.

Overall, lantern festivals can show you so many different things. If you haven't been to one before, I highly suggest that you do. Whether you're going for a good time, to meet new people, create a memorable experience, spend time with loved ones, celebrate the life you live, and/or pursue your dreams; you'll enjoy the event. You can possibly even have your own real life Tangled experience!