7 Reasons To Appreciate Your Older Sister

7 Reasons To Appreciate Your Older Sister

First & Forever Friend

Everyone loves to be spoiled, spoiled with items, love, and a lot of attention, but no one can have this forever, right? That’s why my parents, after four years of spoiling one little girl, decided to bring another daughter into the mix.

I’m sorry to my older sister, Lakyn, who had to give up some of the attention she was used to having so that I could have some, too. I appreciate my older sister for countless reasons, but here are seven very important reasons.

1. She was my first friend.

Making friends can be hard when you’re young because you have to learn to build your social skills. This is why having a sister is so great: she will never hesitate to tell you the things you should and should not say. She will always correct you if you misuse a word, and she will give her opinion on every single thing you say. Gift and a curse? But a blessing, nevertheless.

2. She takes the pressure off me.

Growing up, I feel like I was a pretty well-behaved child, but maybe I felt this way because my sister was always the one getting into trouble. Any time she got scolded, my parents would look at me and say something like, “I hope you’re learning from this too!” Trust me, I learned a lot from watching my sister; for example, I found out early that if you want to sneak out of the house, make sure you put the screen back in your window when you’re done, and be sure not to stomp down all the landscaping in front of the window. Thanks, Lake!

3. She helps me when I’m scared.

When I was little, I was scared to death to sleep in my own bed by myself, so my sister would sleep with me. I wasn’t allowed to snuggle with her, of course, but when she would fall asleep I would make sure I was touching her somehow, so I knew she was still there. When I went to college I was terrified I wouldn’t make good enough grades or make any new friends, but Lakyn always told me I would be fine, I could do it, and I would meet friends if I put myself out there. She seems like she’s never afraid, which I envy. She’s always taking trips and never thinking twice about anything that could go wrong.

4. She doubles my clothing inventory.

Having a sister with cute and expensive taste is actually very beneficial for me as well. This means we can share! Whenever I cannot find anything to wear or I just need more options, I can walk right across the hall and into a whole new world. She has more shoes than I do hairs on my head. She has pants, shirts, sweaters, and dresses of every color. She’s usually very generous with letting me borrow things, but sometimes when she has somethings she’s just too in love with to let me wear, I respectfully wait until she leaves the house to go in a take it… She’s the best dressed sister around!

5. We laugh until we can’t breathe.

Lakyn and I might argue quite often, but we can also get one another laughing pretty easily as well. We are constantly laughing at our mom, at our childhoods, or at the gym floors at First Baptist – sorry for the inside jokes. She says the most hilarious things, and most of the time I have no clue where she comes up with her signature phrases. My favorite memory of laughing with my sister is definitely a certain trip to Steak n Shake where I made a fool of myself and embarrassed my family, but Lakyn kept laughing at me, so of course that just made me continue. She is so entertaining. I can’t help laughing when we spend time together.

6. We can keep secrets.

One thing that is truly great about having an older sister is being able to talk to her about millions of different things. I talk to her about my failures, successes, and things I wouldn’t want anyone else to know. I know if I’m thinking of doing something completely against what my parents would want for me, I can tell Lakyn. Keeping secrets from your parents really brings siblings closer together. I also love hearing her latest secret shenanigans. Hey, Lake, let’s get matching tattoos and not tell Mom, okay?

7. We are 100% different from each other.

My sister is six-foot tall and blonde… The complete opposite of my physical appearance, but appearance is not what I mean when I say we’re different. Our personalities are very divergent. My sister is impulsive, adventurous, and my mom says irresponsible. I’m OCD and usually won’t do something until I’ve asked a million questions. She’s constantly doing something wild or traveling to a random place with her friends. She once invited me to her house in Evansville, Indiana to spend Halloween with her, and then she gave us all the great idea that we should drive all night to Florida so we could “Boo at the beach.” We made it three hours in the car, slept at a rest stop, and headed back home the next morning… She does inspire me to be more fearless and care less about planning. I guess opposites attract because sometimes we actually enjoy each other.

Sometimes I scream until I’m red in the face because Lakyn does stuff like borrow my black dress and accidentally bleach it, and sometimes we argue in front of people, and they think we might start swinging. In all honesty, however, she is my bestie. The good overpowers the bad, and we actually love each other. Yes, we do! Thanks, Lakey. Thanks for still acting interested when I talk about 20-year-old experiences and thank you for always treating me like we have the same last name. Half-sister has never crossed my mind because I love you with my WHOLE heart!

Cover Image Credit: Kenedie Krout

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