7 Podcasts You Need To Check Out That Cover All The Topics You Love

7 Podcasts You Need To Check Out That Cover All The Topics You Love

There's one for everyone, trust me.


Over the summer, I got sick of listening to the same songs over and over again and stumbled upon the amazing things known as podcasts.

They're free and can go anywhere you go (assuming you bring your phone or laptop along). Podcasts cover anything and everything from relationships to court cases to hilarious pop culture news and there's one made for everyone. Listed below are just a small glimpse into the world of podcasts and a few of my current personal favorites.

1. Just Break Up

Just Break Up is designed to "bring understanding and a little understanding to the things that might be hard to talk about: that relationship we just can't get over, the compromise that feels like a deal breaker, the text message left on read."

The host's, Sam Blackwell and Sierra Demulder, met as baristas in 2008 and quickly bonded over their love for sad literature and oddly share the same birthday. They give a surgeon general warning at the beginning of each episode that they have no idea what they're doing but that they're here for all of their listeners. The podcast is based off of submissions asking for advice on all things to do with relationships and is currently my personal favorite.

2. In the Dark

Produced by APM Reports and hosted by Madeleine Baran, In The Dark is an investigative podcast designed to raise awareness and prompt positive change through investigative and documentary journalism. In The Dark has two seasons, each on a different specific case and the information Madeleine Baran can dig up about each one.

It's interesting because she ties different cases from surrounding areas into the main case so you learn about multiple cases all at once. Season one focuses on the abduction of the young boy Jacob Wetterling that gave no answers for 27 years.

Season two focuses on Curtis Flowers, a man who has been tried six different times for the same crime and has remained on death row the entire duration. He's won appeal after appeal but it overrides by the prosecutor each time. The is a great podcast to listen to if you're interested in investigative cases and law.

3. Serial 

Created by This American Life and hosted by Sarah Koenig, the podcast tells a true story over the course of one season, similar to earlier mentioned podcast In The Dark. The podcast has won every major award for broadcasting. There's currently three seasons released, each focused on a different case.

Season one focuses on high school senior named Hae Min Lee who disappears one day after school in 1999 in Baltimore, Maryland and a month later her body is found in a city park. Her boyfriend is arrested for the crime and the season toys with the decision of whether or not he's guilty.

Season two focuses on a US Special Operations Team in a Black Hawk helicopter that lands in the hills of Afghanistan and what Bowe Bergdahl has to say about what happened. Season three focuses on the entire legal system in Cleveland to figure out they tackle ordinary cases.

4. What If?

The What If? podcast is directed by the same director as Just Break Up and is designed to ask strange, hilarious, paranormal, tough, and mysterious questions. They then laugh their way through the evaluation until they settle on a conclusion. Hosted by Spencer Wirth-Davis and Ryan Kopperud along with their wide variety of special guests and over 103 different episodes, this is a funny, curious podcast to check out.

5. The Daily

This podcast is run by the New York Times and goes for twenty minutes, five days out of the week and is hosted by Michael Barbaro. The podcast provides a less overwhelming way to keep up with current events, and actually learn a bit of the detail about them.

Each episode is short and focuses on one event in the news that happened instead of blasting you with everything that's going on in the world all at once because let's face it, that can get overwhelming and negative very quickly. Many people listen to this podcast daily and have built it into their everyday routines.

6. The Joe Rogan Experience 

The Joe Rogan Experience is run by the Ameican comedian, actor, sports commentator, and television host Joe Rogan and is a free both audio and video podcast. Beginning in 2009, it now has over 1,000 episodes to its name. Each episode features a new guest and he's had everyone from Elon Musk to Everlast to John Joseph.

The podcast is funny and more light-hearted than some of the others mentioned in this list and he interviews such a wide variety of people that almost anyone can relate to it.

7. Chicks In The office 

Run by Barstool, this podcast is hosted by Ria and Fran and they tackle the biggest stories in pop culture. Run by 'two chicks in the office' they cover everything from celebrity breakups to reality TV shows to answering fan-submitted questions.

Also a hilarious podcast and much more lighthearted than others in this list, this is one of Barstools few connections with the female population as far as trying to bring them into Barstool. Highly recommend this one and any of Barstools other channels!

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50 Disney Quotes For The Perfect Instagram Caption

Don't you want to be part of my insta world?

So you have that perfect picture. The lighting is perfect. You are accomplishing the perfect "candid laugh." You even have your hair and makeup done for the first time in forever. It is the perfect picture. But wait. Now you need the perfect caption. Well don't worry any longer. I have compiled a list of Disney quotes to really capture that perfect Instagram moment.

1. "Hakuna Matata, it means no worries, for the rest of your days." (Lion King)

2. "This child is getting wildly out of wing." (Lion King)

3. "It's a world full of laughter, a world full of tears." (It's a Small World)

4. "Look at this stuff, isn't it neat?" (The Little Mermaid)

5. "Floating in a blue lagoon." (The Little Mermaid)

6. "Yo ho, haul together, hoist the colors high." (Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End)

7. "How lovely it would be if could I lived in my fantasy." (Cinderella)

8. "Reach for the sky." (Toy Story)

9. "Just keep swimming." (Find Nemo)

10. "Even miracles take a little time." (Cinderella)

11. "If you live to be 100, I want to live to be 100 minus a day so I never have to live without you." (Winnie the Pooh)

12. "The flower that blooms in adversity, is the most rare and beautiful of all." (Mulan)

13. "But if you walk the footsteps of a stranger, you will learn things you never knew." (Pocahontas)

14. "It's like I always say, your majesty, children got to be free to live their own lives." (The Little Mermaid)

15. "The past can hurt. But the way I see it, either you can even run from it or learn from it." (Lion King)

16. "He can fly! He can fly! He flew!" (Peter Pan)

17. "I can show you the world, shining, shimmering, splendid." (Alladin)

18. "Legs are required for jumping, dancing." (The Little Mermaid)

19. "Do you want to build a snowman?" (Frozen)

20. "It's time to see what I can do, test the limits and break through." (Frozen)

21. "The bare necessities of life will come to you." (Jungle Book)

22. "For it is plain as anyone can see, we are simply meant to be." (The Nightmare Before Christmas)

23. "Can you feel the love tonight?" (Lion King)

24. "I know you, I've walked with you once upon a dream." (Sleeping Beauty)

25. "I look at you, and I'm home." (Finding Nemo)

26. "How do you spell love? You don't spell it, you feel it." (Winnie the Pooh)

27. "You are my greatest adventure." (Up)

28. "Wouldn't you think I'm the girl, the girl who has everything?" (The Little Mermaid)

29. "I know every rock and tree and creature has a life, has a spirit, has a name." (Pocahontas)

30. "I'll think of a mermaid lagoon, underneath a magic moon." (Peter Pan)

31. "Don't let them in, Don't let them see. Be the good girl you always have to be." (Frozen)

32. "A whole new world. A new fantastic point of view." (Alladin)

33. "I am one with the wind and sky." (Frozen)

34. "Tranquil as a forest, but on fire within." (Mulan)

35. "I'll be there someday. I can go the distance, I will find my way if I can be strong." (Hercules)

36. "It's the circle of life and it moves us all." (Lion King)

37. "Two worlds, one family." (Tarzan)

38. "Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious." (Mary Poppins)

39. "I'm working on my roar." (Lion King)

40. "Remember you're the one who can fill the world with sunshine." (Snow White and the Seven Dwarves)

41. "You don't have time to be timid. You must be bold and daring." (Beauty and the Beast)

42. "To infinity and beyond." (Toy Story)

43. "Most everyone's mad here. (Alice in Wonderland)

44. "Ohana means family. Family means nobody gets left behind or forgotten." (Lilo and Stitch)

45. "Some people are worth melting for." (Frozen)

46. "I was hiding under the porch because I love you." (Up)

47. "I'm a damsel. I'm in distress. I can handle this." (Hercules)

48. "In every job that must be done, there is an element of fun. You find the fun, and then snap, a job's a game!" (Mary Poppins)

49. "To laugh yourself is to love yourself." (Mickey Mouse)

50. "Fairy tales can come true. You gotta make them happen, it all depends on you." (The Princess and the Frog)

Cover Image Credit: unmotivating.com

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Men, If The Gillette Commercial Angers You, You Need To Re-Evaluate Your Morals

If you are offended by this commercial, YOU are who the commercial is aimed at.


On Tuesday, January 15, Gillette, a men's shaving care company, released an extremely controversial commercial. This commercial that has taken over social media by storm shows many different examples of toxic masculinity and how men should encourage other men to be the best they can be, playing off of the company's tagline.

Many people are angry with this commercial, mostly because they believe it to be "anti-male." It first shows different examples of toxic masculinity, such as a dad saying, "Boys will be boys" as his son beats up another kid. It then goes on to other examples, like sexual harassment against women, social media bullying and mansplaining. In the last part of the commercial, it shows different ways men can counteract these same situations in different, positive ways.

I have seen so many tweets of men throwing away Gillette products, cussing out the company and saying they have no right to "come after men" like that. But guess what?

This commercial isn't anti-male. It is all for being a positive influence and a respectful HUMAN.

"Boys will be boys" is not a valid excuse for your son to beat up another kid at school. Mansplaining everything a woman says does degrade her. Standing on the sidelines watching a man make comments to a woman who clearly isn't interested is awful. Just like girls automatically hating other girls is not okay just because it is seen as a societal norm. This isn't about being against men and it never will be.

No, I'm not a feminist because I do not align with the man-hating definition that that word is given in today's society. But I have more respect for the men in my life who don't subscribe to the idea that being a man means that you have to be an immoral, toxic person. This commercial isn't about being politically correct. It's about being a good person and just happens to mention the negative traits that men sometimes exhibit. Just like women do.

The best men in my life are the ones who put their masculinity aside and don't let it infiltrate everything they do. They stand up for other men who are being put down due to who they are. They stand up for women who are being harassed by other men. They teach younger boys how to be respectful, honest, good men so that when they grow up, they can teach their sons the same lessons.

The men who are triggered by this commercial need to look themselves in the mirror and ask why it bothers them so much. Is it because YOU make excuses for the way you act because you're "a man" and it is just "what you do?" Maybe it is because you know it is true, that you can see the toxic masculinity in yourself but don't want to admit it.

Whatever the reason, just understand that the commercial couldn't be further from putting down men. Gillette, and the rest of society, want men to be the best they can be, period.

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