7 Of The Worst Things To Get In The Summer

Summer has always been a time for rest and relaxation. But there are a few things that can immediately mess up any and all vacation vibes while you're out of school for the summer. Without further ado, the seven worst things to get during the summer.

1. Appointments.

Every year for as long as I can remember, both my doctor and dentist appointments were always scheduled during the summer, usually within the same week. I never liked appointments then, and now that I have to do my own scheduling, and there are usually more appointments, (and I'm not as organized as my mother), all my appointments seem to get stashed right at the end of the summer. Don't even get me started about the motivation it takes to call doctors offices, be put on hold and then agreeing to go to an 8 a.m. appointment because that's all they've got left.

2. E-mails.

E-mails, specifically school or work related, are never really fun to get. Especially when they need a response. It could be that you only need to send back one sentence, but you'll probably put it off until you start to feel guilty.

3. School supplies.

In elementary school, shopping for school supplies was something I looked forward to all summer. But in college, buying school supplies is just kind of sad. All I need is a five-star notebook and then about eight or nine books that each cost over $50. *Unenthusiastic woohoo.*

4. Sunburn.

Sunburns are some of the worst things to get during the summer. You're trying to enjoy the summer months and soak up the sun until... sunburn. Have fun lying in bed with a bottle of aloe.

5. Schedule.

Getting a schedule or a calendar during the summer is a little bit upsetting. One of the best parts of summer is actually having no clue what day it is because you've been relaxing so well. But realizing you have so much coming up that you feel the need to schedule it out... sigh.

6. Bored.

On the other hand, summer runs the risk of becoming boring. Once you start to get bored, it means you should probably go get your school supplies or answer emails.

7. Sick.

Out of anything else that could happen... getting sick during the summer is the absolute worst. It's warm outside, so catching a cold is not logical but still somehow possible. You will probably have to deal with everything else on this list, but may you not get sick. Because it's...

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