7 New Year's Resolutions Every College Student Should Follow

7 New Year’s Resolutions Every College Student Should Actually Follow

It's hard to follow through with New Year's Resolutions, but here are five ways to greatly improve your 2019.


Winter term at college is by far one of the toughest because of how cold and dark it gets so early in the day. Here are five New Year's Resolutions everyone should follow to get through these next couple of months and into the entire year. With these five resolutions your 2019 is sure to be a little easier.

  1.     Stop skipping classes

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I know syllabus week is the time when everyone is getting back from break and wants to party and have fun, but seriously don't skip the first week of classes. This is the week were you get all the important info for the entire term, also you shouldn't be skipping classes at all seeing that you pay for them.

  2.     Find a workout class you actually enjoy

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One of the most popular New Year's resolutions for people is to work out more, but that's really hard to follow if you dread working out. Find a workout class, routine, or activity that you actually enjoy and it won't even feel like you're working out, you'll actually be having fun.

 3.     Get a sleep schedule and try to follow it

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In college especially sleep is essential because it helps you feel ready to function during the day. I know if I have a good night of sleep I feel completely more prepared in my classes and in my day and it makes me feel physically and mentally healthier. It is easy to feel down during the rainy months of winter term, but with maybe a little more sleep you might just feel a bit better.

  4.     Get rid of all the extra stuff you actually don’t need

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It is very hard to get rid of all the little things that you collect over the time you've been away at college, but it is important to sometimes reevaluate how much stuff you actually need. Do you really need all those notes from a class you took two years ago? Or that shirt you haven't wore since you were in high school? Bring in the New Year with room for new memories.

5. Go to school funded activities around campus

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There are many interesting activities you can do around campus that are completely free. Spending money on things to do really makes no sense when there are so many free and fun things to do on or around campus. You could easily go to one of the campus run movies or tour the art museum, which are both completely free for students.

6. Come on and actually get that homework done

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Homework is obviously not fun and no one wants to do it, but that doesn't mean it isn't important for this year you should really try to focus on school first. Homework surprisingly does hugely impact your grade, and can make your grade quickly go from very good to really bad if not done

  7.     Make sure to live in the moment

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It can be very easy to get trapped in a completely school focused mindset, but remember college is also a time to make memories and have the best time of your life. Set aside time to be social, but after you finish your school work. If you focus and don't procrastinate you will easily have time for both. Most Importantly make sure you are making time and taking care of yourself, don't forget to relax a little!

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