7 Netflix Shows Actually Worth Binge Watching From Beginning To End

7 Netflix Shows Actually Worth Binge Watching From Beginning To End

Some show suggestions if you are looking to start something new.

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Netflix is prominent among today's youths. People always ask what shows they should watch or for a suggestion. Over the last year and a half, I have had time to watch some of these Netflix shows that people often recommend. I have enjoyed them a lot and watching them has been a good stress relief.

As I head into winter break from school, I know I will be watching a lot of Netflix over break and I have already decided what show I am going to binge watch. Here are seven shows that I think are worth binge watching.

1. "Friday Night Lights"

"Friday Night Lights" premiered in the mid-2000s and continued for about five seasons. The show follows a high school football coach and some of the athletes. The show also shows more than just football. It's dramatic.

2. "Gossip Girl"

"Gossip Girl" follows the life of wealthy Upper East Siders from Manhattan and a family from Brooklyn. The show is very dramatic but addicting. It is interesting getting to see how they all interact with each other. It also makes you wonder if everyone that lives on the Upper East Side is that catty.

3. "One Tree Hill"

"One Tree Hill" is a recent show that I watched. It was good and what I loved about was getting to see some people that I have seen in other shows. These people have changed so much since being on "One Tree Hill." I also enjoyed getting to see the fashion evolve from the early 2000s to around 2010. The show follows the lives of teenagers from North Carolina as they navigate the end of high school and what the real world brings them.

4. "White Collar"

"White Collar" started as a show on the USA Network and it follows the life of a con man after he is released into the custody of the FBI. You get to see all the struggles that the main character gets to go through in life as he tries to become a reformed con man.

5. "Grey's Anatomy"

"Grey's Anatomy" is still on TV today. It's been on TV for a long time. I believe the current season in season 13. That is almost unheard of. This show follows the lives of surgical interns at the fictional Seattle Grace Hospital. The show is dramatic but it would not be Grey's if it wasn't dramatic.

6. "The Vampire Diaries"

"The Vampire Diaries" is in its last season on The CW. The show is worth watching because who does not love a good vampire/human love story. The show follows the lives of teenagers who live in a fictional Virginia town that bring supernatural creatures to it all the time. These teenagers have to fend for their lives or risk being turned into a supernatural creature.

7. "Baby Daddy"

"Baby Daddy" is a show on FreeForm, formerly known as ABC Family and the show follows the life of a guy who finds out he has a kid and his friends and family step in to help take care of the child. The show is funny as you watch the characters interact with each other.

Well here are some shows that you can binge watch the next time you find yourself needing something to do.

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