For those of us without 20/20 vision, the ability to afford contacts or poke them in our eye or get expensive laser eye surgery, we have glasses. Glasses can be great for accessorizing and for being able to legally drive, but there are some less than glamorous problems that come with having four eyes instead of two.

1. Velma Dinkley Moments

Every glasses owner has had their fair share of Velma Dinkley moments. One such moment inspired me to write this article. I had just woken up and was looking for my glasses, and it took me a solid three minutes to locate them. They ended up having slid down to the middle of my bed in the night. Probably a familiar tale to my bespectacled friends.

2. Glasses Sliding Down Your Nose

Nobody has time to go out to the optometrist every time they need a tune up for their specs, so naturally they tend to travel down the nose at varying times throughout the day. You could get plastic lenses with nose pads already built in, but the plastic would be way too abrasive.

3. Glasses Getting Tangled in Your Hair

Do you ever go to clean your lenses and take a couple of strands along for the ride? I have, and it never fails to almost (or actually) make me curse like a sailor. That's what I get for wanting carved out waves on the sides.

4. Fog and Sweat

Hot beverages, humidity of any kind, scarves, intimacy, sitting in a window seat, sitting under a heat source, in a car in the summer, and in the house after coming in from the cold. These are all instances of when glasses fog or nose sweat can occur. It is laughable to our friends but annoying to the wearer.

5. People Asking to Try Them On

People always want to try on your glasses, even after you warn them about the adverse health effects it could cause to their own vision. It's cool in the moment figuring out how blind I am, but your curiosity could severely damage your eyes and earn you a one way trip to Visionworks. Of course this effect would only take place over time.

6. Teasing Due to Stigmas

Whether it be making fun of the size of your glasses or how stupid they look, most of us have experienced some form of teasing or bullying because of wearing glasses. We've been called all variations of the word nerd, and asked if NASA made our lenses.

7. Cost, Cost, Cost!

A good pair of lenses can cost you a whole student loan payment, and we all know those can be a gouge. That's when were thankful for vision insurance and all the sales optometrists have.

Despite all these problems I personally love my glasses and dread the day my eyes get bad enough for laser eye surgery. I hate how my face looks without them, and make up is not my strong suit. Plus surgery sucks hockey pucks. I hope you enjoyed this list, and that you'll share it to all your glasses wearing guys and gals.