For most college students, it's just about a month until we move back to campus. Whether you've been spending the entire summer bored out of your mind and longing for the life of your campus, or dreading having to leave your home, move in day will be here before we know it. With all the planning to be done in the next few weeks, the days will start to feel like one giant fog. Here are a few of the best things about being home that we should all savor before returning to our lives at college.

1. Your pet's presence

Probably the thing that I miss most of all when I'm away is having my little dog there to cuddle with after a long day of classes. Your pets are never too busy to comfort you, and they do so willingly. One of the oddest things that I miss at college is the way that my dog whines at me whenever I have food, no matter what it is. Whenever I would bring food back to my room to eat while I studied, it always seemed way too quiet.

2. Reading a book that you chose yourself

With all the mandatory reading, papers and homework thrown at us, there's hardly any time to read something that you actually want to at college and, when there is, all you really have the energy for is curling up in bed with Netflix. Maybe pick a book by your favorite author, or find one in a totally different genre, to read before summer ends.

3. Sleep

This one really goes without saying. Getting to sleep as often and as much as we want-- that's all we really wanted out of our summers. Of course, we will soon be back to pulling all-nighters and getting up for 8 am classes, so take the time to enjoy your freedom to sleep. Most of all, enjoy being able to take naps and not having to worry about what work you should be doing instead.

4. Home-cooked food

Whether or not you approve of the dining hall food, nothing beats having your family's cooking whenever you want, especially after having had to brave the lines of hungry people day after day for months. Even if you went off-campus, that meant spending money, and for some reason it still would never taste as good as the food that came out of your own kitchen.

5. Personal space

Even if your roommates were your best friends, it's impossible to deny that it was kind of nice whenever you had the place to yourself for an afternoon or, even better, a whole weekend. Even outside or off of campus, it's almost impossible to find a place with nobody around. There's only about a month left to take some time to yourself whenever you need it, so make sure you enjoy it.

6. Friends and family

Nothing beats getting to see your old friends and catching up on life and laughing about the same stupid things that you always have. Also, even though we may complain about them, having family around for a few months helps us to remember who we are and where we came from. It is a great feeling to have loved ones close and not just hear their voice over the phone.

7. Time to breathe

At college, it seems like just when you get done with one task, there's always something else to be done. Whether it's school work, an event, or even socializing with good friends, we often spread ourselves out to the limit, even when we don't mean to. The fact is that all of the things I mentioned take energy, and we often forget to pause and take a moment to catch our breath. Having the free moments and space to do that during the summer is so helpful to refresh us and get us ready for what ever the next school year will bring.

Hopefully you've been inspired to take in all of the good things about having summer off from school, even if you are longing for the activity of campus.