There are a lot of terrible drivers on the road. I am not trying to be a Debbie Downer here, but it seems like every time I get behind the wheel I end up yelling at a car that I know won't hear me because they did something unnecessary, but it makes me feel better if I still yell at them.

(And don't get me started on the whole "women can't drive" or "women are bad drivers" campaign, men, you are equally as bad and are still to blame.)

I've compiled a list of the seven most annoying and horrible driving habits, and if you realize that you are someone who does one of these things — please know I'm yelling at you from my car!

1. No turn signal

The blinking light isn't just there for a Christmas decoration! Use your turn signal people, especially if you're going to jump into my lane and cut me off, I at least need a heads up.

2. Changing three lanes at once

Not only do these drivers normally fail to flick a turn signal on, they love to weave in and out of traffic while changing multiple lanes at once. This isn't a video game and you're not cool when you do this!

3. The driver that cuts you off then goes 10 under the speed limit

I normally let out a loud "cuteeeee" when this happens (not cute at all). I'll be driving along, minding my own business and all of the sudden a car comes out of nowhere and cuts me off. I continue to hit my breaks while they proceed to go super slow in front of me.

4. All gas and breaks

We all know someone who throws your head into the glove box every time they drive because there's no such thing as steady acceleration or breaking when it comes to their driving skills. I'll bill you for my whiplash later, thank you.

5. The red light texter

The turn lane's light is only green for about 10 seconds but the car in front of you is texting for the first 5, so that equates to you not making it through the light because by the time Texting Tabatha has been staring at her phone and realizing you're honking at her from behind, its too late and you're waiting for another light cycle now.

6. Tailgating

This isn't a football game! We're not tailgating in some parking lot all day, I've got places to be. My car wants her personal space as well and we'd both appreciate if you didn't ride my bumper the whole time- it's not necessary and you won't get there any faster by doing it.

7. The problematic parker

If you have a larger vehicle, I get it, they can be annoying to park. But just because you messed up the first parking attempt and are hogging two spots or are inches away from the car next to you, doesn't mean you shouldn't try again! Take the extra 10 seconds to back up and readjust. Leaving your car looking like a monkey parked it only helps the men's case that women can't drive and park.

On a serious note, please just drive the correct way because it's the right thing to do and you care for the well-being of others. Stay safe on the roads my friends!