No matter where you went to high school, you know that one of your favorite parts of every year was homecoming. It was the only time you did not mind getting up early so you could get to school before class to take pictures with your friends in whatever ridiculous outfit you were wearing for that day of Spirit Week, the only week you made time in your schedule to go to all the sports games, and the week that you were prouder to show your school spirit than any other time of the year. Here are the 7 things you miss most about high school homecoming:

1) Spirit Week

Whether you were dressed as a baseball player, a rapper, in your pajamas, or in the Christmas spirit in the beginning of October, you loved every second of it.

2) Color Wars

Obviously the best day of Spirit Week.

3) The Pep Rally

Of course, you had to get all the teams pumped up before their games.

4) Homecoming BBQ

If your school did not have one of these, you missed out big time.

5) Going to all the sports games…

You went to support all your friends on every different team, from soccer to tennis to volleyball, and automatically hated the other team if you lost.

6) ...especially the football game.

Nothing was better than the whole school being there to watch your team win.

7) Homecoming Dance

Even if you do not like dances, you always went to this dance because homecoming just seemed incomplete without it.