Tips To Recover From A Concussion, From Personal Experience
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Tips To Recover From A Concussion, From Personal Experience

After seeing a doctor, here are some extra things that could help you heal from a concussion.

Tips To Recover From A Concussion, From Personal Experience
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Unfortunately, I got another concussion last week when I was rear-ended by an oblivious idiot who sped up when there was a stop sign. This happens to be very similar to the last time I got a concussion, when I was rear-ended by a drugged up individual who similarly didn't stop for a red light. Thankfully, this one is healing much better, and I'd like to think that is (in part) because I know how to heal from concussions better now.

Take fish oil (or eat fish)

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I hate fish. However, they're also the best source of Omega-3 fatty acids, which the brain is primarily composed of. So, when you harm your brain — like in a concussion — these fatty acids are extremely helpful in restoring the broken bonds.

Take Magnesium

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Magnesium also helps the brain to heal itself. It's actually a food component that we don't (typically) get enough of in our daily diets! So, it's crucial to have a large magnesium intake after a concussion. Magnesium-rich foods include pumpkin seeds, peanuts and spinach.

Eat Flavonoids

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Flavonoids are abundant in foods like blueberries, and they're really good for the brain. Consequently, eating increased Flavonoids can greatly help an individual recovering from a concussion.

Increase Sleep

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Literally, take a nap whenever you get tired. That's your brain's biggest healing time. In fact, your brain's need to heal is probably why you got tired in the first place!!!

Avoid Caffeine

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This also includes in the form of chocolate. Sadly, caffeine — the magic energy and alertness potion that so many of us rely on — is not good for a healing brain. Although we don't think of it as one, caffeine is a drug (like alcohol is too, sadly), and all drugs need to be avoided while the brain is repairing itself.

Pay Attention To Your Symptoms

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The last time I had a concussion, I had terrible headaches, but this time I'm experiencing vertigo. Every concussion can be different, so it's really important to know your symptoms so you can figure out what's triggering them. Once you learn the triggers and your symptoms, make sure to avoid or limit triggering stimuli.

Give Yourself Time

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During my last concussion, I had post-concussion syndrome that lasted for years. But this time, I seem to be healing faster. Nonetheless, I'm still giving myself time to recover. I'm not working or doing my summer classes yet, and I even postponed moving. As annoying as it is, making your brain okay again will be worth it in the end.

I hope these tips help you heal quicker!!!

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