7 Healthy AND Tasty Recipes For Living On A Budget

7 Healthy AND Tasty Recipes For Living On A Budget

Here’s the thing, part of adulting and living responsibly off of a budget means ditching the Ramen and Spaghetti O’s and eating somewhat healthy, which makes cooking for yourself even more of a challenge.

Let me just start out by saying I am not a vegetarian. Not a vegan, pescatarian or any variant. Though, I do sympathize with the plight. I am also fortunate enough not to have food allergies. But I do have experience living off of a budget, I’ve even survived off of $4.75 a day.

It’s hard, but through a lot of research, trial/error and countless women hours spent in grocery stores staring at the calculator on my phone, I have come up with a decent recipe repertoire.

Here’s the thing, part of adulting and living responsibly off of a budget means ditching the Ramen and Spaghetti-O's and eating somewhat healthy, which makes cooking for yourself even more of a challenge. And you may not always be able to eat a balanced meal, so I suggest investing in vitamins as well.

Living on a budget and eating healthy requires mindfulness, which works really well if you make a meal schedule for the week. Even schedule snacks if you like to snack rather than have set meals.

Enough disclaimer, here are my recipes for a week's worth of eating healthy-ish on a budget:

1. Hamburger Helper

So many flavors, so little time. Make sure you have milk and one pound of ground beef handy. Though super high in sodium and whatnot, it has protein, which is hard to get on a budget, it’s filling, and it makes enough to last for a few meals. As long as you’re not eating it every day, it’s an easy filler meal.

2. Veggie Burgers

No, I am not a vegetarian, but I have to say MorningStar veggie burgers are bomb. Just pop them in the microwave and they’re good to go. You can put them on a whole wheat bun with hummus and avocados or chop them up in rice. These babies make a quick, versatile meal. Also an awesome source of protein!

3. Cauliflower Wings

Surprisingly, the less popular veggies like kale, eggplant and cauliflower are often on sale for really cheap because stores can’t move them the same way they can with more commonly eaten ones. Which is great because cauliflower is a good source of protein, vitamin K, B6 and C, fiber, potassium and the list goes on. It’s an underrated vegetable with a subtle flavor, and this recipe doesn’t require many ingredients!

4. Massaged Kale Salad

Kale, you either are obsessed with it or roll your eyes at the name of it, or you're like me and you like it occasionally because you know it’s crazy good for you. Plus, talk about bang for your buck! If you have ever purchased kale at a supermarket or farmer’s market, you know that you can’t buy it in small amounts, so plan some smoothies or make some kale chips for the week as well. This simple salad is subtle but delicious and filling, and it works well alone or as a side dish.

5. Breakfast Burritos

These burritos aren’t just for breakfast. They’re super easy to make! Just scramble some eggs, add black beans, peppers, preference of meat, roll it up in a whole wheat tortilla and top with salsa, avocado slices and a little hot sauce to flavor. Also, add peppers and onions according to your preference.

6. Chili

To make this dish a little healthier I use low sodium chili mix, but with one pound of hamburger, canned tomato chunks, kidney beans and onions to flavor. It makes a protein-rich, flavorful and filling meal that lasts a few days.

7. Rice and Beans

Unless the box says it’s low sodium, many of the premixed rice and beans kits are a little high in sodium, which detracts from the protein enriched classic. So easy to make and lasts a few meals

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11 Recipes To Get You Through College That Won't Break The Bank

A delicious list of budget-friendly meals.


After starting college and living on my own for a few years, I have had to learn how to cook. I've always had a knack for cooking, it just took living on my own to be obsessed with it. Since I'm going to school, I don't have a bunch of money to blow on nightly dinners. I have compiled a list of recipes that I absolutely love, that are cheap and have gotten me through school.

1. Buffalo ranch chicken pasta

This is my favorite recipe out of all of them. I stumbled upon this recipe a few years ago while surfing through Facebook. I make this recipe once every few weeks and it is my go-to for homemade recipes. There aren't even that many ingredients either.

2. Sausage and cream cheese dip

This is a staple in my house. Grab a bag of chips and some sausage and cream cheese dip and you're set. It's creamy and delicious, and with the spicy sausage, adds a tremendous flavor. There are literally only three ingredients, so go pick them up now for this amazing recipe.

3. Turkey burgers

I love myself a good burger, but there is something about turkey that enhances a burger's flavor. It's very lean and is a better alternative to ground beef. Season the turkey with whatever you like, and toss it on the grill/stove. This meal is super cheap and simple, all you really need is turkey and buns! Trust me, make these turkey burgers with some mashed potatoes, you won't regret it

4. Buffalo chicken dip

Buffalo chicken dip is a nationwide favorite. It's flavorful and spicy, and is perfect for all occasions. Again, very few ingredients, so this recipe doesn't break the bank.

5. Pasta carbonara

This recipe is super simple, and extra delicious. Bacon mixed with eggs in pasta is a combination that I never would have thought of, but I'm glad I found. It's filling and cheap so stock up!

6. Baked lemon chicken

This recipe is basically lemon and chicken. Its soft and juicy and goes great with oven roasted potatoes. I promise you, you won't regret making this meal. It's a very reliable meal

7. Chicken parmesan 

Chicken parmesan is amazing! It gives you a true Italian feel, and goes great with pasta. This recipe is filling and tasty so make sure to cook this ASAP.

8. Homemade pizza

Head to your local grocery store and pick up pre-made pizza dough, sauce, and whatever toppings you like! It's cheaper than buying a pizza and is really fun to make with your loved one.

9. Baked potato casserole

This recipe is so amazing. It's cheap to make and great to taste! It's all you could ever dream for as a college student, and it might be your next favorite meal

10.  Crockpot mac n cheese

Every young person loves mac n cheese. Kraft is great and all, but it's better to make it yourself. This gooey, delicious recipe will surely have you feeling great during and after.

This budget-friendly list will be a lifesaver for people first living on their own at school. They are easy to make and really cheap. I use these recipes all the time, and so should you.

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