God has an amazing way of bringing people together through music. When I write, I listen to Christian music, and although my playlist consists of 23 songs, I always end up skipping right to my favorite ones. Whether I'm driving, walking across campus to class, feeling sad, or when I'm feeling blissful, Christian music is going to be playing.

Here is my list of favorite Christian songs to listen to in times of trouble and grief, as well as happiness and gratefulness.

Just Be Held - Casting Crowns

"Your world's not falling apart, it's falling into place
I'm on the throne, stop holding on and just be held
Just be held, just be held"

God has an awesome way of letting those He loves know that they are safe in His arms. In this beautiful song by Casting Crowns, God is telling His listeners to 'just be held' and let Him do His job.

Breathe - Johnny Diaz

"Breathe, just breathe
Come and rest at my feet
And be, just be
Chaos calls but all you really need
Is to just breathe"

Johnny Diaz does a fantastic job of creating the sense that God is truly with us when listening to this beautiful song. God gives us a daily reminder that yes, there will be bad days, but He will always be there, telling us to give it all to Him and just breathe.

10,000 Reasons - Matt Redman

"You're rich in love
And You're slow to anger
Your name is great
And Your heart is kind
For all Your goodness
I will keep on singing
Ten thousand reasons
For my heart to find"

Although most everyone knows this glorious song, this one has to be my absolute favorite. I feel God in my presence when listening, giving me '10,000 Reasons' to be grateful for His daily blessings.

Holy Spirit - Francesca Battistelli

"There's nothing worth more
That could ever come close
No thing can compare
You're our living hope
Your presence, Lord"

I'm not sure anyone could listen to this song and not get chills from Francesca's beautiful voice. Coming in close second to my favorite song, this one touches my heart each time. Francesca's words are so true when she says that nothing can compare to the hope He gives us!

Hope In Front Of Me - Danny Gokey

"There's hope in front of me
There's a light, I still see it
There's a hand still holding me
Even when I don't believe it
I might be down but I'm not dead
There's better days still up ahead
Even after all I've seen

There's hope in front of me"

The words Danny Gokey has written in this piece is truly astonishing. As someone who has felt troubled in the past--someone who has, at one point, felt not sure of who to believe in--I can easily relate to this song. There are tough days in life; some feel unbearable. With God, however, there is always hope.

Light Up The Sky - The Afters

"You've opened my eyes
So I can see you all around me
Light light light up the sky
You light up the sky to show me
That you are with me"

When a beautiful sunset appears at the end of a long day, it feels almost impossible to not assume that God painted that sky just for you to see. I've spent many late nights at our hometown aquatic center looking up at the sky and feeling loved and grateful for an artistic God!

Thy Will - Hillary Scott & The Scott Family

"I know you see me
I know you hear me, Lord
Your plans are for me
Goodness you have in store"

It feels appropriate to share one of my absolute favorites to end this piece, as this song by Hillary Scott preaches about the plans God makes, and although they may be confusing and feel wrong at the time, God will always know what is best for you. I find this song to be very comforting in times of trouble and listening to the lyrics remind me that He will always have my back.