7 Things You Should Know Before Catsitting A Menace

While my best friend is vacationing with his boyfriend, I graciously volunteered to take care of their 1-year old cat (kitten?), Pouncer.

This isn’t my and Pouncer’s first time together. Let’s face it, for this city cat, my apartment in my small college town is basically his country vacation home.

He is an adorable domestic short hair with blonde fur and a fat belly. He’s always zipping around and he is very vocal.

But this cat is also a menace.

After each visit, I somehow forget about his rambunctiousness and am in awe of the chaos he creates.

Here are 7 things you should know before catsitting any kitty like Pouncer.

1. Prep your ears for constant meowing.

Pouncer isn't afraid to cause a problem. He will let you know — loudly — when he is ready to eat, cuddle, sleep, go outside, etc.

2. Nighttime means running around your apartment and attacking you.

Cats still have that hunter instinct within them, and Pouncer is no different. There are multiple theories as to why they chose the night to run rampant.

3. Fur. Everywhere.

Do I need to explain any further?

4. Don't try to get a good picture. They will ignore you and thwart your plans.

5. Any surface is their bed, including you.

6. They will try to escape at any time, so watch the doors.

7. You will NEVER want to give them back.

If I could, I would keep this little menace forever. But, I am only a cat aunt, not a cat mom.

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