Contradiction and flawed-logic are no strangers to America's Liberal Party. Whether the topic is immigration, racism, national security, or even women's rights, one can pick out clear instances of left-winged mendacity. It doesn't take more than a little half-assed research to do so. Here are twelve examples of predominate leftist hypocrisies and inconsistencies.

1. National Security

According to the Democratic Party, our national security is of utmost priority... yet, Hillary Clinton is still praised and fails to be held accountable for her cavalier handling of said national security. Whether intentional or not, Hillary's handling of confidential and sensitive government information was careless, dangerous, and remains ignored by Liberal leaders.

2. World's Police vs. World's Motel 6

Liberals will by and large agree that America should not be involving itself in other nations' disputes and conflicts as much as we historically have been, or in other words we should stop being the "world's police." It'll save us from using our limited resources and valuable time. That is fine and dandy, but if that is the case, then why should we be burdened with taking in refugees from these same nations? We should not be forced to take in thousands of refugees from across seas, as they are costing us our limited resources and, additionally, compromising our national security.

3. The White House Pay Gap

Democrats have recently been advocating to disintegrate the pay gap between men and women in America. Once again, this is an idea most people could get behind; however, the same people condemning the wage gap are also exhibiting it. The Obama Administration has spoken out against this controversial issue, and yet has not pushed against the fact that female staffers in the White House earn only 89.25% of the salary that male staffers in the White House earn. It's a tad ironic and pitiful that there is a 10.75% wage gap between men and women in the Liberal-run White House.

4. Bernie's $600K Getaway

The candidate which represents the "common working man" just purchased his third home! That's right, Bernie Sanders, America's biggest opposition to big money in government and biggest advocate of equality for all, just spent $600,000 on a beach house lining the East Coast. I sure hope he plans on giving the rest of us a piece of his luxurious estate.

5. Violence at Donald Trump Rallies vs. Violence at Black Lives Matter Rallies

Let's use the San Jose violence, from earlier in this campaign cycle, as an example. In San Jose, during a rally in support of Donald Trump, and large group of protesters began attacking rally attendees. A mob of people were seen throwing bottles, rocks, and punches at unsuspecting attendees. Liberals later reported on the situation blaming Trump's "racist comments" for the uprising, not holding the violent attackers accountable.

More recently, in Milwaukee, hundreds of Black Lives Matter supporters - mainly Liberal - are rioting, burning down homes and businesses, and attacking police officers and innocent civilians. BLM, while not out-right supporting this type of unrest, are often guilty of inciting and agitating the mentality behind it. Yet, those who blame Black Lives Matter and their rhetoric for the violence are referred to as racist and bigoted.

6. Women's and LGBT's Rights

Hillary Clinton is believed and said to be in favor of gender equality and gay rights, however her donation history tells a different tale. If you take a closer look into the Clinton Foundation's donor list, you'll find that roughly $57 million has been received from countries that condemn gay freedoms and mistreat women - such as Saudi Arabia, Qater, and Algeria.

7. Affordable College Tuition

Just another example of misinformation from Crooked Hillary... are you surprised? Hillary Clinton preaches that she will fight to lower the costs of college tuition; however, she has charged universities across the United States upwards of $200,000 for a 30-minute speech.

Perhaps the Liberal Party relies a bit too much on the ignorance of it's supporters. Don't listen to biased media outlets. Do research and make educated choices, it's a Democrat's worst nightmare.