It’s 2018, and it’s time to talk about the F Word. That’s right, FEMINISM! I’m not sure why people are still so scared to talk about it and identify with it.

Feminism is the advocacy for women’s rights and equality amongst the sexes. It sounds pretty black and white, but there is still a discrepancy with what exactly that means. Here are the top seven misconceptions of feminism.

1. They hate men

This seems to be the most common misconception about feminism, but truthfully, you can be pro-women, without being anti-men. It’s about understanding that women are not always treated equal to men and moving to advocate for that.

2. They’re very masculine

This one always makes me laugh. The point of feminism is that you can be WHATEVER you want to be. Masculine. Feminine. Both. Neither. It’s about having the right to be who you are and dress how you want.

3. They don’t shave

For some, this might be true. For others, it might not. I shave because I enjoy feeling smooth and feminine, but it is my choice, and I have a right to make it. Just like other women have a right to choose NOT to shave. It’s the same for men. Maybe they want a beard, maybe they don’t. Feminism is about having the right to make decisions about your own appearance and your body.

4. They’re all Pro-Abortion

I think something to make clear here is not that feminists hate babies or wish for them to be killed in utero, rather it is the recognition that we don’t have all the information to make a decision for someone else on their body. It’s about recognizing that while it may not be your own personal choice, it is someone else’s body, not yours.

It is someone else’s finances and mental and physical health. The medical bills, the doctor’s appointments, the impact it has on being able to work or go to school. You can't possibly know someone's mental health needs, medical history or the circumstances surrounding each pregnancy.

Feminism is most certainly not about killing kids for an easy way out. It’s about recognizing that sometimes hard choices should be left up to the person it affects the most and giving them the space to do that.

5. They hate housewives and stay-at-home-moms

The idea of feminism was to fight for equality. Initially, it was about fighting to be allowed to join the workforce and have a career. However, as we have all evolved, the idea of feminism has also evolved.

Feminism is about having the right to go to work OR to stay at home, whatever makes the woman happiest. The point is, it’s HER decision. Feminism is about making sure the woman has a choice and that she gets to do whatever makes her happiest. This is the same for men. Some men really do enjoy staying home with their kids, and that is absolutely their right to do so!

6. They hate chivalry

Does dating a feminist mean you can’t hold open a door or pay for things for them? No. It absolutely does not. If you’re holding a door open because you think the woman is incapable of opening the door, then that would be an issue. But if you’re holding it open to be kind, that is perfect!

Nice gestures are nice gestures. It’s OK to treat a woman to dinner, just as it’s OK for her to treat her man! And there’s definitely nothing wrong with splitting a bill or taking turns. Everyone loves chivalry, let’s not mistake that. Kindness is kindness, no matter their gender.

7. They’re mean

Sometimes when people are passionate about something, they get louder. And if they’re being wronged, they get upset. That’s true for anyone. Have you ever been to a football game where people started yelling at the players or referees? Passion and a desire for change can sometimes look less kind than what the goal actually is, but that does not mean those people are hateful people.

Feminists are all different. All different sizes, shapes, genders and identities, but they all have a common goal: For EVERYONE to be treated equally. Especially WOMEN. They’re not mean. They’re just tired of things not changing. And that’s fair.