There are a lot of things that blew up in pop culture at one point or another, that are now considered "basic" by you and most of your peers. It even feels embarrassing to carry around these things sometimes as you can feel the judgmental stares. It personally makes me want to scream about how i'm not just using it for the fact that it's popular. But the other day, as I was surrounded by the items that would get me considered as Basic in .2 seconds, I realized that I have all of these things for a purpose. They are generally the best in their category for what they do. That's why they're so widely used! Here are some basic b**** items that are worth they scrutiny.

HydroFlask Water Bottle

They are super cute, in any color you want, AND keep you drink cold or hot for a LONG time. I mean ice in your drink all day.

Air Pods

If you're a runner like me, the hand hitting the earphone cord and causing all kinds of issues gets pretty old. Even for lifting weights or doing any other activity, cordless Air Pods make everything so much easier.


There's a good chance your always around 15 minutes away from the nearest Starbucks no matter where you are. This, combined with the fact that they have a reward program, makes the everyday use of Starbucks smart, and efficient


Scrunchies are not only nostalgic, but they reduce hair breakage that regular hair ties cause.

Reusable Straws

I know that because there was a sudden craze for these, people like to make fun on the movement. And it is funny, but they are also a good investment, and have introduced an environmental to people of all ages.

Chunky Sneakers

Whether they're AF1's or any other platform shoe, this style of sneaker is comfortable and can pair with a dress, jeans, shorts, or even leggings.

Apple Watches

These are on almost every wrist you glance at, but they are actually helpful for notifications, music changing, direction in the car, and allowing you to track your fitness goals.

I understand the reason that people avoid using extremely popularized items like these, I do it myself sometimes. However, don't avoid them like the plague if you think they really could be useful to you and make your life easier. Just like if you don't have the courage to wear something that is not so common, but that you find effective or cute, as long as you're confident in your choice to use this product, it doesn't matter what you're wearing or using.