7 Basic Halloweekend Costumes For All You Broke College Girls

7 Basic Halloweekend Costumes For All You Broke College Girls

For any girl who ain't got $60 for that poorly made, ill-fitting, plastic costume.

Halloween is a lot of work. It requires you to go out multiple nights in a row and, if you really care, requires you to choose/buy/make more than one costume. Costumes can be hella expensive, but homegirl gotta save money for Starbs every day. So here, I present to you, some of the most basic, overused, unoriginal, super simple and super affordable costumes that you can most likely find in your (or your roommate's) closet. So, embrace your lack of originality, craftiness and pocket-change for pricey costumes. Not everyone needs to think outside the box.

1. Risky Business

Go down the hall and ask one of your guy friends for a dress shirt, throw on some shorts (extra points for boxers), and throw on some tall socks and a pair of sunglasses. Now, to seal the deal, you need to slide into every room you enter while wearing this costume.

2. Any Sports Player

Football jersey, basketball jersey, soccer jersey, hockey jersey. Oversized or tight. This costume can accommodate comfort or let you be a little RISKYYYYY. For the common sports fanatic it will be simple, but don’t worry I am sure your guy friends have a jersey if you don’t.

3. Frat Boy

Take your favorite visor and pair it with some khaki shorts and dockers, and some bonus points for that Vineyard Vines shirt. Carry around a red solo cup and slide a thing of duct tape in your back pocket to imitate a chew tin, and wow, Kyle for Epsilon Pi, you are killing it, bro.

4. Game Day Gal

You probably have gear in your closet that you wear to game day, so just wear it again...for Halloween. Carry around your rally towel or some pompoms and scream “GO (insert your school’s mascot here)! WHOO!!” Not very clever, but extremely basic. Do what you have to do to save money.

5. Fairy

You can make this as simple or complex as you want. But, really all you need is a skirt/dress, some wings and some sparkly makeup. If you're feeling extra, tape your ruler to a sticky note cut in the shape of a star and, BAM, FAIRY!

6. Animal

With the right-colored shirt and perfect eyeshadow and eyeliner, any animal is possible. You do not have to have the tail and ears and wings. I once went as a giraffe, simply wearing a brown vest and putting brown eyeliner blobs all over my face. I used my hair to create little bun "horns." Minimal effort needed and really versatile. You can make this one elaborate, but you really don’t have to. From a fish to a cat, puppy or mouse (DUH!), you’ll be basic AF, but guess what? You'll also be saving money.

7. Train Wreck

This one is super easy. I don’t know about you, but I am a train wreck. Wear some ratty sweats, mess up your hair a bit, maybe even wear two different shoes? Really, this one is up to you. The bigger the mess you look, the more fun you'll have. Smear some queso on your sweatpants, dribble some mascara down your cheek, wear one tall and one short sock. Show them what you are really like. Carry a bag of popcorn around and shove it in your face. Girl, YOU DO YOU! This one isn't all that popular, much because everyone is trying to look cute on Halloween. But literally, if you wanna be hella comfy, this is the way to go.

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What Christmas Means To Me: An Atypical Prayer

You are where my life began and continues to grow, and the love is always unconditional, never ending, and felt as soon as you walk in the door.

This last Christmas, my grandfather gave me the opportunity to write the grace and prayer that is read before Christmas Dinner. Though it may not sound much like a typical prayer or a traditional grace, it sounded a little something like this:

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So this Christmas, I am thankful to be surrounded by a family that loves me. As I said in an article of mine that came out earlier this week, “never is the love in my house one-sided”, and that rings true here today. God has given us this holiday not only to celebrate Christ’s birth but also to remind us that the love of this family is never one-sided. It reminds us how special this family is, and how lucky we are to have one another.

I could not ask for better people to have in my life. I could not ask for better grandparents to teach me so many life lessons and to be there whenever I needed someone to turn to, parents that raised me into the strong, independent, and loving young woman that I am today, and a sister that I’ve become so much closer to this year and am proud to call my best friend. I could not ask for a better aunt and uncle that have never failed to make me feel loved and are always there to support me in everything that I do, and cousins that always take time to make sure I’m ok and give life advice that has helped shape who I am as I grow up. I could not ask for better little boys to be my little boys and bring joy and laughter to my life, and a dog that makes me happy to come home and I can always count on for kisses.

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Merry Christmas, I love you all with all my heart."

Christmas may be over, but the words in this prayer still ring true. Though people change and every holiday is different in its own way, these words will forever ring true.

Cover Image Credit: Nancy Summer

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