Life is full of many wonderful pleasures that many of us, like myself, often forget about. And it's important to recognize that even on bad days, good things still happen. Focusing on these positive aspects of our day-to-day lives can really change a person's perspective. So in thinking about the little things that make so many of us happy, I've here's a list of some of the best things that often go unrecognized and deserve more appreciation:

1. Sun showers

2. Smiles

3. Cool showers on sunburns

4. Tight hugs

5. Discovering new foods you like.

6. Reading something that really applies to your life.

7. Laying in bed after a long day.

8. And being completely relaxed.

9. "This reminded me of you"

10. Thunder storms

11. The feeling after you cry

12. Outdoor showers

13. The smell of clean laundry

14. Breakfast foods

15. When you don't find out something's on sale until you're at the register

16. Over-sized clothes

17. Contagious smiles

18. Contagious laughs

19. Car rides with that one person

20. When someone makes up their own nickname for you

21. Getting into warm cars on cold nights

22. The person you can send the ugliest snapchats to

23. Random (I miss you/ I love you) texts

24. The city at night

25. Surprises

26. Letters and cards in the mail

27. Hole-in-the-wall coffee shops/ restaurants

28. When someone tells you a secret or opens up to you

29. When you try on clothes in a store and feel super confident

30. Coincidences

31. Blanket cocoons

32. Car windows down

33. Good hair days

34. Really good coffee

35. "Come outside, we're going on an adventure"

36. Days where you're in a good mood naturally and for no particular reason

37. Conquering a fear

38. When they give you a lot of guac at Chipotle

39. New ideas that change your mind

40. Being so comfortable with someone that you can literally talk about anything

41. Home-cooked meals

42. When songs bring back good memories

43. Familiar roads

44. Fresh sheets

45. Tattoo stories

46. Leaves changing color in fall

47. When you think about a song and then it plays on the radio

48. Knowing you did well on a test

49. Non-mainstream playlists

50. Butterflies in your stomach

51. When your package arrives on time or earlier

52. Countdowns to big events

53. Peanut butter & jelly sandwiches on the beach

54. Finding money you didn't know you had in your wallet

55. When you can't stop laughing

56. When someone knows how you're feeling without having to ask

57. The beginning of new friendships

58. Not-awkward silences

59. When someone remembers little details or random facts about you

60. Genuinely nice people