6 Ways To Continue Enjoying Fall

6 Ways To Continue Enjoying Fall

It's not Christmas yet!

While many people believe when Halloween ends, Christmas season begins, I do not. It is still Fall until after Thanksgiving. Here are a few ways I plan on enjoying the rest of Fall until Christmas comes.

1. Apple picking

Pre-Halloween everyone and their mother went apple picking, but now while everyone else is talking about Christmas the apple fields are empty. This means fewer lines, and fewer people staring when you and your friends stop in the middle of the orchard to get an Insta.

2. Going on a hayride

Haunted or not, hayrides are a great way to spend time with friends. Most people have already gone on a hayride this fall so lucky you there's no line here either.

3. Baking a pie

Nothing better than cheering on your pie as it slowly bakes.

4. Leftover Candy

The only thing better than Halloween candy is 75% off Halloween candy the week after. Sure the selection isn't as big, but beggars can't be choosers, and in my book, all candy is good candy.

5. Building a bonfire with friends

A bonfire is perfect when the weather is just starting to get cold, but it's still warm enough to sit out under the stars. Cuffing season is upon us and no boy will say no to cuddling up with you next to a fire. But if he does, he's stupid anyway and you'll have a much better time gossiping by the fire with your girlfriends.

6. Eating pumpkin everything

You can only publicly enjoy pumpkin flavored things for a few more weeks so nows the time to soak it all in. Get some pumpkin Oreo's, cereal, or Pop Tarts and enjoy the greatness that comes from pumpkins.

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The 5 Gifs That Describe What It's Like To Be Allergic to Pollen

Spring has sprung people

Spring time is upon us, and with spring, comes pollen. Florida has finally had the courtesy to warm up just a bit, but with this warmth comes that yellow blanket that seems to cover the Earth: pollen. It's on the car, in our noses, and definitely in my eyes. You can't escape it. Might as well make gifs about it.

1. The pollen is inescapable and floats around you all day.

2. We can't stop sneezing, but life goes on, with or without our eyes open.

3. Itchy watery eyes. "Are you crying?" is something I hear often.

4. The wheezing and breathing problems

5. Puffy face and the subsequent "I can barely see" look

Cover Image Credit: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sRMHSq2oeas

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The Weeks Leading Up To Spring Break, As Told By 'Spring Breakers'

These weeks are the complete opposite of pure joy.

For most college students, spring break is upon us soon.

It's no doubt the best part of the spring semester. A few more weeks until we have a nice long break. It's the time of year that your work ethic is tested and you just want to go on that vacation or head home for a bit. It's that wonderful time during the semester when you are granted a whole week to be free from the dining hall and the awful dorm showers.

It's a week of pure bliss, but the weeks beforehand are anything but pure bliss and joy.

1. When you aren't sure that you are going to make it through the next few weeks.

There's so much work and your energy is spent. You want to sleep and relax, not type a six-page essay.

2. When you have no breaks or downtime at all because your workload is out of control.

You don't even attempt to look at your planner or tears will be shed. Instead, you just laugh to cope with the pain.

3. When you want that spring break body, but then again, ice cream is better.

Eat the ice cream; it's so much better than the salad, I promise.

4. When you remember how many days you actually have until your break.

Then, you cry a little more and need a hug.

5. When you have two essays due tomorrow and three exams the day after.

Also, you're really just wondering if college is really worth it.

6. When someone asks you how your classes are going.

Just don't ask, please.

7. When the professor says, "You can teach yourselves the chapter over break."

You know you are not going to do it.

8. When you are finally packing to go home for the week or for your vacation, and you try to cram all your belongings into your luggage.

There's so much stuff, don't even get me started.

9. When you are finally at home or on the vacation that you dreamt of for the past three weeks.

The world is wonderful again.

Cover Image Credit: Unsplash – Morre Christophe

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