Most of the time, college is super stressful. Balancing classes, assignments, organizations such as Greek life, and a social life can be overwhelming. It is very important to keep organized and use your time wisely so that you can get everything done on time, and done well. Here are some tips that I to keep in mind to stay on top of my life...

1. Get a planner, and keep up with it

A planner is such an easy way to keep your schedule and assignments in order. You'll know when you have class, what you have due each day, and what events you have going on each week. Looking at your planner ahead of time is really helpful so that you can plan out your day in advance. Also, planners are inexpensive and super cute!

2. Keep your room clean

It sure is easy to get to the point where you can't see your bedroom floor, but it is important to keep a tidy living and study space. Just a quick clean up of the clothes you throw on the floor after trying them on will make a huge difference. With a clean space, it is easier to get things done. You won't be distracted when you are completing school work, and you will ultimately feel at ease.

3. Plan your day out when you wake up

When you plan out what you will be doing each day at the very start of it, it is beneficial because you will get everything done when you need to and have a set time to do it. There is a smaller chance for other things to get in the way when you have a time that you know you need to be doing something.

4. Set your priorities straight

It is easier than you think to put your social life above all else. When you are having second thoughts, keep in mind why you are actually at college: to get a degree.

5. Keep a budget

The stereotype of broke college students is definitely true. Be sure to focus on what you need versus what you want so that you could possibly have money in the end for a new outfit, or a fun night with friends.

6. Stay happy and positive!

Nothing can go right when you are having a bad day. Your bed and Netflix will be calling your name when you are feeling down, so think of the positive things in life! Go after your day like a rockstar!